Wife Loves To Dominate Me.

My wife recently discovered tha aside from her usual Cuckold training im put through it now has a very Dom side to it , mostly she enjoys being with her lover and me bound before them for whatever she pleases . last weekend during her overnight with her male guest i was made to prepare them both for their love making this time it was a little different though as her lover was a very dominant man he handcuffed me to the bed and started to paddle me as i was instructed to perform on her orally all the while she would tell him if it was satisfactory or not , this determined if the paddling was mild or more forceful when this was done she did the same for him making sure i did a good job on his **** , after they made love the usual clean up was in order , then she tied me to the bed face down with pillows under my waist i was then blindfolded and both of them paddled me and my wife started to **********me when i was at the point of ****** she stopped and i felt her lover leand over the top of me she started whispering in my ear to relax and i felt her guiding him into me it was painful at first but she told me to accept it as this was my place to give them both pleasure anyway they deemed fit . After what seemed like an hour he told her he was getting ready to explode she layed in front of me and opened her legs where he had just been his *** was dripping from her ****  she told me to start licking her and enjoy my treat i did so until he **** in me and rolled off  i was then allowed to start their shower and then clean up and lay at the bottom of the bed for the rest of the night .      

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That made me *** hard!

god what a wonderful HOT story... lucky man