Short And Neat

It was my first day at boarding school which involved various meetings with staff and senior pupils showing me my room, speaking to me about the various rules and regulations. One of the girls complmented me on my long hair saying 'I hope you are not too attached to it' I didn't know what she meant but I didn't say anything more.

I was very proud of my hair, it was long dark blonde but with some natural light blonde highlights. It was thick with a natural wave and I used to brush it religiously to obtain a shine.

The last meeting of the day was with my house master Mr Al Ani. He was in his 50's, quite handsome with jet black hair and a close beard. He explained to me about how important education was and how important discipline was to the school. He started to talk to me about boys and how they can be a distraction at this age.

He then went on to explain that he always did two things with his new girls which would help to ensure their success in school. First I was to receive three strokes of the cane so I knew how it felt. A usual caning would be at least 12 strokes and he felt that receiving an initial 3 strokes generally ensured that girls never wanted to risk more.

He then went on to explain that after the caning I would receive a school haircut. I had noticed that the girls that I had seen all seemed to have short hair but I never put two and two togther.

My legs went weak and I could feel my eyes filling with tears. He explained that the haircut would mean that the time I spent on my hair could now be spent on school work... it would also mean that boys would not be quite so attracted to us girls.

He beckoned me to stand and approach the desk for my stripes as he called them. I felt so weak and I think he could see this as he took my arm and lead me over to the desk, showed me how to adopt the position. I was bent over hands on the desk looking at the long thin cane that was about to be used on me. I was told to part my legs slightly.

As Mr Al Ani lifted my pleated school skirt and lowered my regulation knickers to the top of my thighs. I could feel that it was not just my butt that was exposed to him. As he positioned me further he explained matter-of-factly different punishments for different scenarios but that it was always carried out bare butt in this position. He then stood back and said that he would give the three in quick succession. If it was for real it would be done very slowly but this was so that I could understand that I would never want this for real. He asked if I was ready - I could hardly speak from fear but I nodded acceptance and three blows rained down piercing my skin... I had never felt such pain. Mr Al Ani then rubbed cream on the stripes as I sobbed. As he was rubbing all around my bottom he said that he guessed I would not want to receive even more stripes in the future. He gave me some tissues and told me to compose myself.

As I did I saw him gathering his haircutting tools which sent me into further floods of tears. He beckoned me over to the special chair in the corner of the room. He told me to remove my blazer. I sat down and he loosened my school tie slightly and opened the top bottom on my shirt. He threw a cape over me quickly and tucked it around the neck line. He then started to brush through my hair, stroke after stroke as I did. I never had a man brush my hair and it was quite calming and almost made me forget what he was about to do.

As he picked up his scissors he said 'you know Molly I love cutting off beautiful hair like this.' I started to cry as he looked at me and positioned his scissors between my ears and chin and started to cut. The hair started to pile in my lap as pieces slid over my shoulder. Tears ran quietly down my face as Mr Al Ani threw the pieces from the back into my lap almost sadistically as he said 'you have beautiful hair.' The noise of the scissors crunching through my lovely thick hair seemed to fill the room. As Mr Al Ani worked on my nape I could feel his hardness pressed into my back and I thought maybe he was hard from the caning. As he finished cutting to the other side of my head I was left with a very short bob.

He came to look at his work from the front and decided I needed a fringe. I begged him not to... I hated fringes since my mum used to cut mine when I was very young. He ignored my pleas and combed my hair forward and snipped in a fringe just above my eyebrows, smiling as he did it. He then picked up a paid of clippers... he must have seen the look on my face because he said 'don't panic - I'm just going to clean up your nape.'

As he buzzed my nape clean he said that I was to make sure that I kept my hair short - I could get it done at a salon or he would be glad to do it but warned me that if I was caught with my hair touching my shoulders that he would cut it again and much shorter next time.

He removed the cape and handed me my blazer as I walked out I hoped never to be in this room again.
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I really enjoyed this one.

when you look back do you get excited thinking about it, did you let it grow longer so that he gave you an even shorter haircut? If this happened to me i think i would be very upset and cry too. But i wonder did you secretly enjoy the experience?

Sad story - such a waste of lovely hair !