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Wife Used Public Humiliation

My wife had been in charge of our marriage for about 5 years. When we started the arrangement, I had agreed that she had the right to punish me whenever she thought it appropriate. She had a paddle that she would use about once a month. No one else knew the level of her control over me. This would have been very embarrassing for me. Anytime I became lax in my commitment to the arrangement, she would threaten me with inviting Sherry to one of my punishment sessions. Sherry and Dave were our best friends. If Sherry saw me bend over naked and Joanne, my wife, paddle me, I knew that Dave would soon know. I would lose all respect.

As we were preparing to leave for a weeks vacation, Joanne caught me looking at **** on the computer. She was furious. She informed me that she would follow through on her threat about Sherry as soon as we returned. As we traveled to our destination, I begged Joanne to not involve Sherry. She finally offered an alternative. She had packed her paddle and assured me it would be used.

The alternative was that during the week, 3 strangers would be invited to our room. My job was to convince at least two of these strangers to punish me in front of my wife. I would be required to reveal the truth about our relationship. I would explain that my wife had injured her arm and was not able to punish me as needed.

It was decided that the three opportunities would be (1) when the bell hop showed us to our room (this was an 4 star hotel), (2) one day when we were still in the room when the maid came around and (3) if necessary we would order room service. I was lucky the first time. The bellhop was a young man who thought the whole thing was funny and I promised a generous tip. I was extreme embarrassed to ***** naked in front of the young man. He whacked my butt 5 times (specified by Joanne). Two days later we were still in the room when the maid came around. She didn't speak English and I had to abandon the try for fear she would report us as perverts.

The pressure was on the last night of our stay. If I could not convince the room server to cooperate, Sherry would be invited over at the first opportunity to witness my paddling. The knock on the door came and when I opened the door there were two people. One was a middle aged woman and the other a young black man that was obviously a trainee of the hotel. It took a lot of convincing. The two even stepped out into the hall to discuss this in private. They could see my desperation and must have decided to have some fun. After agreeing to an extremely large tip for each of them, they set out their required guidelines. I would get a minimum of 5 licks from each of them. I had to obey any order they gave to me.  I learned that the young black man's name was Jeffery Lincoln, but I was to address him as Mr. Lincoln.  He was only about 19 and looked very much like some of the temps that I supervised at my job.  The lady's name was Marjorie Holder.  She was the divorced mother of two teenage sons.  She had divorced her husband because he was habitually unfaithful to her and tried to dominate her.  I was to address her as Ms. Holder.  They made it clear that I would have to earn the right to be punished by them.  They called their supervisor and made up a story that would give them at least one hour in our room to humiliate me as much as possible.  My wife seemed very pleased at this arrangement.

After the ground rules had been established, Jeffery (I mean Mr. Lincoln) took charge.
"Do I understand that when your wife spanks you with this paddle she has provided to us, you are naked?"
"Yes, Sir".
"Then I suggest that you get naked right now".
"Yes, Sir".  As I ********, I couldn't decide if it was more humiliating to stand naked in front of this strange woman, this teenage boy or my wife watching me experience this humiliation.
Once I was naked, I turned to Mr. Lincoln and awaited my next order, trying to act as non-chalant as possible.
Mr. Lincoln said, "Well you look a little embarrassed, but you don't look too fearful about you impending *** whooping."
I didn't know quite what to say but I finally said, "No Sir, I am fearful"
"Well I'm not sure that you are, but you will be.  Have you ever had your naked *** paddled by a black man?"
"No, Sir"
"Well your going to be and I'm going to give you lick #1 right now so that you know what you have coming."
"Yes, Sir"
"Now you turn around, bend over and grab your ankles and look at that pretty little wife of yours while I show you what a lick from a black may feels like."
"Yes, Sir"
I assumed the position and looked at my wife who grinned and gave me a look that said ' your fixing to get it good'.
Mr. Lincoln took hold of my hips and moved me to a spot where he had room to take a full swing.  He padded my bare butt with the paddle and then I knew he was pulling back the paddle for a full swing.  I couldn't see it coming, but when the paddle made contact, it was like he had hit a baseball about 500 feet.  I was literally knocked over and immediately jumped up screaming, jumping up and down, and holding my butt.  When I had calmed down enough that I could hear and understand what he said, he spoke again.
"Now get over here and stand in front of me".
"Yes, Sir", I said like a 10 year old who had been whipped by his father.
"And get those hands off of that ***"
"Yes, Sir", I said as I awkwardly moved my arms not knowing what to do with them.
"Now, I'm sure that Ms. Holder would be glad for me to give her 5 licks as well, plus I will and extras if you don't act like this is very serious business."
"Yes, Sir" 
Mr. Lincoln then pulled me back away from the 2 women and whispered into ear what I was to say to each of them.
I walked over to Ms. Holder and said, "Ma'am, I am ready to cooperate in any way that you wish, because if I don't Mr. Lincoln is going to tear my sorry white *** up with that paddle".
I then turned to my wife, "Honey, Mr. Lincoln is going to paddle my red naked *** harder than it had ever been paddled before.  When he is finished, he will ask you if you think I have learned my lesson.  If you are not 100% sure that I have learned my lesson, I will be required to ask Mr. Lincoln to whip my red naked *** some more."

Part 2 coming soon

They strung out my ordeal to over 30 minutes. By the end I had been totally humiliated and had a very sore butt.
rorb38305 rorb38305 51-55 Oct 23, 2010

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