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My Wife Used Public Humiliation: Part 2

My Wife Used Public Humiliation
Joanne couldn’t believe how well this little plan had worked out. When she caught me watching **** on the morning we were to leave on vacation, she declared that she would make good her threat to punish me in front of her best friend, Sherry. Beside the embarrassment of Sherry seeing me over my wife’s lap, naked and being paddled, I knew that her husband, Dave, would then know our little secret.
My only way out was to agree to go through with Joanne’s plan whereby I would be humiliated in front of at least two strangers while on vacation. Thankfully, the first experience was with a twenty something young man that had experience with the paddle when he was in his fraternity. It was humiliating admitting to this stranger that my wife regularly spanked me. It was even more humiliating to ***** naked and let him bust my 35 year old butt. But, it was over fairly quickly, with him taking his generous tip and leaving. I wondered how many of his buddies he shared the story of a perv giving him a tip to bust his ***.
But, now I was down to my last change to avoid Sherry becoming a part of my embarrassment, when Jeffery Lincoln and Marjorie Holder showed up at our room. The 19 year old black man had taken charge and gave me a sample lick that was harder than any I had ever had. He also took on the personality of a Drill Sergeant, shaming me like I had never been shamed before. It was obvious that this was not going to be a quick 10 licks and get on with my vacation. They were going to drag this out for all it was worth. So here I was standing naked in my hotel room, taking orders from two strangers. And my wife, Joanne, loved every minute of it.
Mr. Lincoln told me that the first thing that we need to do is write down exactly what the rules will be during my one hour session. He gave me a pad and pen from the hotel desk and directed me to take notes while he and Ms. Holder dictated the rules.
I of course replied, “Yes, Sir”.
The two of them casually brain stormed until they had a total of 8 rules that I was to follow.
My next task was to take a clean sheet from the pad and write out the rules in a neat, formal manner. I was warned that Ms. Holder was an English major for 2 years of college before her no good husband left her with 2 boys to raise. The rules went something like this:
Rule #1: Roy (my name) is to address Jeffery Lincoln as either sir or Mr. Lincoln.
Rule#2: Roy is to address Marjorie Holder as either ma’am or Mrs. Holder.
Rule#3: Roy is to address Joanne as ma’am or mistress.
Rule#4: If Roy fails in a task, he will be given 3 extra licks of either Ms. Holder or Mr. Lincoln (their choice).
Rule#5: At any time during the session Mr. Lincoln or Ms. Holder may give some or all of the remaining licks as agreed to earlier.
Rule#6: When asked a question, Roy must be totally truthful and forthcoming. (My wife will determine in I have broken that rule.)
Rule#7: When asked why Roy is doing a certain task, he will reply, “Because if I don’t Mr. Lincoln and Ms. Holder will paddle my red naked *** very hard.”
Rule#8: If Roy decides at any time that he is unable or unwilling to complete his ordeal, Joanne’s alternative (Sherry), will go into effect. Or, he may choose to complete the balance of licks the following morning in front of the hotel staff that would be assembled in the basement.
I was allowed to sit while writing the formal rules out. But, I was seated at a table and told to keep my knees apart while facing the other three people in the room. I was continually aware of my nakedness.
I took a good 10 minutes to carefully write out the rules. When I was finished, I took them to Ms. Holder and awkward stood next to her while she went over them with a red pen. When she was finished, she went over each and every mark she had made on the paper.
“Roy, do you see this red mark?” pointing to the first.
“Yes, Ma’am”
“There should have been a comma there, do you understand?”
“Yes, Ma’am”
This went on for a good 3 or 4 minutes. I bet I said “Yes, Ma’am” at least a dozen times. When we finally finished she told me that I was to try again on a clean sheet. Any mistakes that I made this time would be punishable offenses. She also set a time limit of 5 minutes.
“When you finish, hand the paper to Mr. Lincoln. He will determine if you made any mistakes. Now why are you going to sit at that table with your penis on display and try your best to get it right this time?”
I replied, “Because if I don’t you and Mr. Lincoln will paddle my red naked *** very hard.”
“Your 5 minutes starts now, but before you start writing, I’m going to give you 3 or my 5 licks so that you *** doesn’t lose any of its color. Bend over the table quickly.”
“Yes, Ma’am” I replied as I quickly positioned myself over the table, bending down, placing my chest and stomach flat on the table top as instructed. This caused my rear to be presented in a very prominent spanking position.
She tapped the paddle on my butt measuring the distance and then in rapid succession.
The licks were not as hard as Mr. Lincoln’s, but she evidently had practiced on her two teenage boys. They were very effective.
When she finished she quickly ordered me to turn around, face her and not to dare touch that burning butt.
“Yes, Ma’am” I replied.
Looking directly into my eyes, she said, “Now you sit that red butt down in that chair and get those rules written down perfectly. You now have four minutes.”
“Yes, Ma’am” I said as I moved around to the chair.
Putting my stinging butt down in that hard chair was painful, but I had to focus on the task. I worked as quickly as possible, but trying desperately not to make a mistake.
Mr. Lincoln was calling out the time every minute. I thought I was in good shape when he said I still had one minute left. I had just finished Rule#6 and quickly started on Rule#7. But, I immediately knew that I had messed up and written an 8 instead of a 7. Having to use a pen, I couldn’t erase my mistake. My only option was to scratch through the 8 and put a 7. Without thinking, I said to Mr. Lincoln, “Can I scratch though a mistake to correct it?”
His quick reply was, “You have 45 seconds to do anything you want”.
I quickly finished to paper. When he called time, I had finished, but as I handed the paper to him, I could already guess that that scratch through on the paper would cost me.
Comparing my paper with the one that Ms. Holder had marked with her red pen, he circled two mistakes beside the one that I already knew about.
He announced that Ms. Holder will address my mistakes momentarily. It will be her decision as to my punishment.
But, he continued talking, “But, first there is a problem with your breaking Rule#1.”
“Sir?” I said as I was trying to remember when I could have broken that rule.
“When you asked me about scratching through your mistake, did you address me as Sir or Mr. Lincoln?”
My heart sank as I recalled the exchange. “No, Sir”, I said.
“Very well, let’s decide on your punishment quickly because you have other tasks to complete before the hour is up.”
“Please Sir, not the paddle. I already have four more licks coming from you and at least two more from Ms. Holder. My *** is already on fire.”
“Very well, either 3 extra licks right now or beg me to shave your pubes off.”
Stunned I thought hard for a few seconds, but I knew that I could not take any additional licks and avoid the morning session in front of the entire hotel staff. When I gave my decision, I was quickly given directions to get a wet bath rag, my shaving cream and my razor. I was to lie back on the bed and spread my legs as much as possible. Mr. Lincoln quickly lathered the hair surrounding my penis. A few carefully placed swipes with my safety razor and I was as bald as a baby in my private area. Mr. Lincoln had put on a pair of disposable rubber gloves they had on the food cart. He had no hesitation to take full hold of my penis, manipulating it up, down and side to side while he shaved me. All I could do was to stay as still as possible, avoiding any nicks. The most embarrassing part was when I was required to lift my knees back to my ears, pushing my arms between my legs and holding them apart while he carefully shaved the hair off my balls. When he was finished I looked even more naked than before.
When that ordeal was over, I then had to answer to Ms. Holder for making two mistakes on the paper. My choice then was 3 licks from her or beg her to remove the hair from my butt. Knowing how she could paddle and being bald in the front anyway, I begged her to shave my butt. To accomplish this I had to lie over her lap like a child getting a spanking. Sparing no opportunity to embarrass me, she lathered up my entire backside. She lingered longest up and down my crack, with special emphasis to my *** hole. Soon every hair was gone from that region and I was like a small boy both front and back.
Mr. Lincoln then announced that he was ready to give me licks #2 and #3. Back over the table I went. With my newly shaved butt, the paddle seemed to sting even more. Once again the predicable cycle of tap, tap of the paddle on my butt, in order to measure the target, and then POW!!!!, tap, tap on my burning bottom, and then POW!!!!.
The pain was indescribable. As I stood to rub and sooth my butt, Mr. Lincoln said, “Did I say you could touch your butt?”
“No, Sir” I said with tears welling in my eyes.
Before I could totally recover, Ms. Holder spoke up, “Now turn and face me. It is time for some questions and answers.”
“Yes, Ma’am”
She asked me about how often my wife spanked me. What I had done to deserve the spankings. She then started asking details of the incident that had gotten me in so much trouble the morning we left on vacation. She wanted to know what web sites I had observed that morning. She asked me if I had *********** that morning. How often I ***********. After about 5 minutes of the most embarrassing questions, she finally turned to Joanne and asked if I had been totally truthful and forthcoming. Joanne told her that even though I said I had not ***********, she suspected that I had because my clothes were in some disarray, when she discovered me at the computer. She added that I had also omitted one web site. She knew this because she had checked the history. The website was Disciplinary Wives Club.
Faced with failure to comply with rule#6, I was given a choice of 3 licks from Ms. Holder or rubbing a generous amount of toothpaste on my penis and balls. I chose the latter. Never having done this I had no idea how much that would burn once it had been absorbed into the skin.
The burning sensation and all the discussion of **** and ************ had given me the beginnings of an erection. Mr. Lincoln informed me that my next task was to demonstrate to the ladies the end result of ************. I was to get on my knees in front of the two ladies and jack off until I came. Mr. Lincoln announced that I would be adding a little taste to the salad that I had ordered from room service almost an hour earlier. As I was near climax, he placed the salad on the floor in front of me and instructed me to put every drop in the salad.
When I did ***, I was most humiliated and exhausted. Time was almost up and I had two licks coming from each of them.
Ms. Holder went first, once again instructing me to bend down over the table. Once again she asked me a series of embarrassing questions before the all too familiar: tap, tap, tap, followed by SPLATT!!!!. Tap, tap, tap and then SPLATT!!!! Went the paddle.
As Mr. Lincoln took his position, I thought about putting off those two licks until the next morning, but I was determined to get this over with and avoid humiliation in front of the entire staff. Tap, tap, tap and then POW!!!!. Tap, tap, tap and then POW!!!!
My butt felt like my flesh had been cooked. I knew that I would be black and blue for days to come. I was relieved it was over, but then heard Mr. Lincoln asking Joanne if she thought I had learned my lesson. I looked at her with pleading eyes.
She thought for a minute and then said, “I’m going to let it go at that for now. But, could you help me out if he messes up again?”
Mr. Lincoln assured her that he was available anytime. He wrote down a phone number and suggested that if I needed a follow up session, it would serve me well to spend a couple of days living at his house. His mother and younger sister would be glad to assist and I could go out on the town with some of his buddies. They all could be my boss for a time.
Needless to say, I did not disobey my wife for a long time.
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But, if not "for a long time" you obviously did screw up again eventually. What happened then? Did she ask Mr Lincoln to carry out his threat? And what about the neighbours? Are they involved yet? It would be wonderful to have an update!

amazing humiliating!