My Own Little Matriarchy

I believe strongly in matriarchy and Female superiority.
To me it seems so obvious that the female as the birth giving sex is meant to also be the ruling and primary sex.
Males are childish all life and from the first day of puberty on directed mostly by their sexual feelings than anything else. Their sexuality controls them and therefore they and their sexuality have to be firmly controlled and restricted by women. They are simply not suited to ever have the same freedom and the same responsibilities as a woman.
The male body is strangely primitive with the “sausage” dangling between the legs and already this primitive body indicates that the male’s brain is immature and inferior.
The idea that the man should be equal to the woman is simply ridiculous.
The man obviously is created for the purpose of serving in the female ruled society.
Males should in the best interest of society be deprived of all personal freedom. They should be used, as workers and servants and they should always be submitted to female ownership and guardianship.
A son should be his mother’s property and she should be free to sell him or give him away or to keep him and benefit from his work and service.

For 15 years I now have lived with a man and I have successfully trained him to complete humble submissiveness and obedience. As long as it was needed I allowed him to work outside the home but the last five years I have kept him at home fully occupied with the domestic work.
I have got three children with him – 2 girls and a boy – and I raise them to believe in female superiority as I do. The girls are aware of their female superiority and the boy is aware of his inferiority and natural subordinate status. It can at times be difficult with the boy, who naturally is confused by unhealthy influence from school and medias but it is not worse than I can handle it. At home he sees nothing else than that the females are in charge and matriarchy values are constantly preached.
My 13 years old daughter is by now fully capable of being in charge when I am away and she has even been authorized to slap my male but not yet to actually spank or cane him.
I am bi-sexual (90% lesbian) and I have only had sex with my male at the times when I wanted to become pregnant. My partner Louise is two years older than I and we look at the children as ours and at the male as our property and servant.
Although I find it frustrating and annoying to still live in a society with a basically patriarchal culture am I happy to have been able to create our own little matriarchy together with my beloved Louise.
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That is the tail wagging the dog. It is human nature to scream about the failures of others and sweep the stink of your own sins under the rug. If this world is in the hands of unscrupulous men it is because their mothers failed to teach them. Raising children is more than feeding and clothing them. If you can't control your own kids how are you going to run the world? You really are blind to the dynamics of your own claims!

good for you Karen, your relationships is working perfectly as you are naturally very dominant and your male is very submissive. but i wonder if it's going to work for your children even if you taught the boy to submit and the girls to dominate?? by the way i'm not questioning woman's superiority over man, as i believe in it especially in your case. you are truly superior for knowing it, practicing it and enforcing it. you could be the perfect mentor to my wife.i bow down to you goddess KAREN( my wife ordered me to write this last bit)

You're an idiot!

I'm glad you found an arrangement that works for you. When I married my wife ten years ago, we agreed that she'd be the head of the household and I'd be working and doing the household chores. We've since got a beautiful daughter, and we are carefully preparing her for a life where she'll be able to call the shots in a relationship, should she so chose. We'll certainly leave it to hear to define her own relationships, but we do everything we can to counter a culture that teaches girls that their goal in life is to find a man they must depend upon and submit to.

You are literally a waste of human life.

I am a 60 year old married man,,, i totally agree with you Karen. I wish more woman took control of the little boys they marry. They would respond positively in most cases.

I'm not against having your sex life your way, but the belief that all of society should share your sick view just crosses the line. As for your kids, I feel sorry for them. Your son will grow up to be every woman's doormat, while your daughters will become impossible and may eventually mess with the wrong guy and get badly beaten up.

Sorry to read about your problem. I'd spread your legs like I owned them. Then I'd show you what a man is. If you tried to give me any lip I'd shove it down your throat until you STFU. After a few hours with me you'd be on your back telling me that I can do whatever I please with you. Then you would be a woman.


mmm very interesting views and fascinating lifestyle love it

What a wonderful life your husband has! How lucky he is.<br />
Tobad there is not more ladies like you.Sounds like you are enjoying live and so you should.

Oh I love to serve the Superior Female, being her wife and doing her bidding is pure joy!

You Phucking Manginas

I hope this is a fantasy. Because debated about whether or not females are superior aint nothing but a thing. Even though it should go without saying that one sex can't be titled as stronger. Rather each individual holds their own strength and weaknesses. Stereo types are pointless. <br />
<br />
The fact that you talk so poorly about your son is what is disgusting. Yes, you sound quite disgusting in your own gloating. But to speak of your son as an ob<x>ject. That you use him? Well I only hope he's somehow saved from your selfish wrath. Because you clearly do not have his best interest in mind. Life is not created to use. You are supposed to be teaching your child. Empowering him to be his best. Encouraging him to lift himself up because no one else will. Not even his mother apparently.

This is a really funny Feminist story Just kidding people who like this idea and belive males are sub human shouldn't have the abilty to spread their evil hate Drop dead ya Feminazis!

Your story is humorous. How people choose to live in their private relationships is up to their personal preferences. But, when you start talking about how women should rule society and how men are inferior beings, you just sound foolish. Our legislators and heads of state should be whoever is the most highly qualified, whether male or female. Saying women are superior for any reason is just as silly as assuming men are superior just because they are stronger.

Mistress, you are completely correct in your assessment, but men with their small brains can't get the obvious. The male situation is hopeless as we love and desire the lesbian. At bottom, all men are painfully envious of girls. But the only rational solution for us is to be kept in servitude. Do you occasionally give your guy a bit of girlpiss to drink as a treat? Try it, in a baby bottle, as a reward for good behavior. Or have a champagne dinner with your girlfriend served by your husband, letting him lick you urine from a doggy bowl.

Men are servants to female. We are worthless. Most of us are still toddlers and /or sissies pretending to be girls

Great story