My name is Brian and im in the beginning of a female led relationship.. this is something I have longed for all my life..
im 39 and just got married to a very special girl.. We been together for a long time.. She is very understanding..
about a week ago I broke down for the first time in my life and told her I would like for her to have full control.. she really likes that...... You can only tell she was the dominant one in the relationship,, I just never gave in so we bumped heads alot. Im disabled and she works.. I have always gave her respect in telling her where I am and what im doing. I ask befor doing. She hold me when we sleep.. So u can only tell im the sub.
She pertty much had away had full control without knowing. This week I have been doing everything around the house and I really love it.. Being disable I fill hole once more..
She wonts full control over my attitude and anger. That all I hold from her control,, for now...... We look for info on the net. and most the time it go to ****... This is not a sex thing for me.. Its about making her very happy and putting her first.
We need help in this directions,,, she works at a Quick Mart and i get a S.S. Check.. We dont have the money to make mistakes... Please point us in the right directions... Thanks
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Just communicate with each other. Talk about how far you want to take the submissive role and ask her how far she wants to take the dominant role.

With me I don't really have much of a say with what goes on unless we are talking things that could be potentially unsafe. But that was agreed to beforehand, that is, I'm happy with that.

You need to figure out exactly what kind of relationship you want and then take it slow. You haven't experienced any of this yet. Which means you might change your mind about certain things early on. You can address any relating issue together at a slow pace until both of you are aware of what each other wants.

Of course if you are genuinely submissive there shouldn't really be too many hiccups. But it all depends on whether what you think is the ideal F/m relationship matches with what she thinks is the ideal. If it doesn't then compromises need to be made and that's something that should be dealt with in a delicate manner.

This is not to say that you get to pick and choose everything. It just means that there's more than one way to have a F/m relationship. And it also means that if she is dominant to an extreme and you are not submissive to that extreme then there are going to be some issues that arise. Especially if you don't address them early on.

It is seldom a sex thing with most couples who are in female led relationships!

The sex part is easy. The serving, household chores, etc., is easy. The difficult part is internalizing your proper role and attitude, so that it becomes second nature to you, and for her to do likewise. My wife expects to be obeyed. There is no ambiguity when she tells me to do something. Likewise, I do not question her in any way, at least, not without (painful) consequences.