Love, Honour And Obey Part 1

I don't know if it was part of her master plan, or whether it was simply a germ of an idea that, over time, has evolved into a lifestyle. It is certainly a lifestyle that has turned the traditional male/female roles upside down. She controls the money; I do the laundry; she makes all the decisions; I simply obey; she wear's the pants; I wear the skirts (or whatever she tells me to wear). I clean the house while she watches television, or does whatever she wants. If she wants something, she calls on me to get it for her. In short, I am the traditional “woman” in our marriage, and I must wait on her hand and foot (literally).

One day, I guess she recognized how my role had evolved and decided to formally emasculate me by forcing me to wear “sissy” underwear. From that point on she started calling me her wife, or her “Little Sissy”. Sometimes, she looks at me disdainfully and says “I wear the pants in this house”. She then adds with a laugh “You wear the panties. Don’t forget it my Little Sissy” And that was only the beginning. But I’m getting a bit ahead of myself here.

In the bedroom, she makes the rules. She always has at least one ******. On the other hand, I am only occasionally allowed to ***. And, on the rare occasion that I am allowed to ***, she ensures that I lick up every drop. She wants no icky mess in the bed or on the floor, or anywhere (except on me sometimes).

Actually, it was in the bedroom that she started us on the path that lead to me becoming her “wife”.

When we were first married, we made love in the traditional vanilla way. Generally, with me on top, we seemed to make love all the time. In fact, looking back I guess we both had an insatiable sexual appetite. Then one day, after about 10 years of marriage, we had a serious conversation, and Fiona said that she was frightened that I would lose interest in her. For whatever, reason she was worried that I would start looking for a lover. I assured her that I love her and I would never do anything like that. It was a couple of days later that she dropped the bombshell. Fiona told me that her best friend’s husband had run off with a younger woman, and that she was devastated. She then told me that she wanted me to wear a chastity device whenever I leave the house. At first I laughed because I thought she was joking. I could see that she was annoyed at my response, so I reassuringly said “Look! Fiona, if you can find such a device, I’ll wear it any time you want, because I love you Fiona and if it will ease your mind then that’s fine with me.” Although I truly meant what I said, I didn’t fully appreciate what I was committing to, nor what it would lead to.

Sure enough, a couple of days later while I was drying off after my shower, she walked into the bathroom with the device in her hand. At first I didn’t even know what it was she was holding in her hand. She looked up at me, and smiled and said “ are you ready for the chastity device?” I guess she took me aback, and it must have shown on my face, because she smiled and said “You did promise”. I said “Sure go ahead, put it on if it will ease your mind”. I guess it helped that I was quite small after my shower because it only took her a couple of seconds to slip it on and lock it in place. She then pulled me close to her and we shared a long sensual sexy kiss. It was the type of kiss that really gets me going. It always gives me a hard erection, and of course nature was trying to take its course, but the device was doing its job. Fiona, then laughed and quickly left me there in the bathroom trying to understand what was happening to me. I was as horny as hell but I couldn’t get erect because of the device. It was truly frustrating. After a couple of minutes, I gained some measure of composure and was able to pull myself together enough to wander nonchalantly into the bedroom. When I entered the bedroom, Fiona was dressed in her sexiest lingerie. She walked up to me smiling and pulled me to her, and we kissed again. This time it lasted longer, and our hands started to wander all over each other. Again, I was dealing with total frustration, and this time Fiona seemed determined to press every button I had to get me aroused. I felt her hand cupping my testicles, and then she started feeling the device. She then suddenly took a step backwards and looked at me. She laughed and said “That’s great! The device is working”. “Tell me about it” I responded. She then said “I have one more request, and then you can go off to work.” I said “Sure what do you want?” She replied “There is one little sexual fantasy that I’ve had that you can satisfy right here and now.” Well, now she really had my interest. I guess she’s going to take the damn contraption off me and we’re going to make love. Thank God I thought.

She sat down on the edge of the bed and she said. “I want you to get down on your hands and knees, and beg to go down on me” She added “If you beg properly and sincerely, I’ll take the device off you tonight, and we’ll make love”. I immediately dropped to my knees and said “Please Fiona may I go down on you. I’m begging you, please.” With that she said “ it’s not bad for a start. You may crawl to me and remove my panties with your mouth, but keep your hands behind your back. At no time are your hands to touch me. Do you understand? If a hand so much as touches me there will be no lovemaking tonight.” I thought to myself this is kind of strange, but who am I to question someone’s fantasy. I then started to crawl towards her. I could see that her panties were very wet from our kissing and petting. I tried to pull her panties down with my teeth, but of course it wasn’t possible to pull them off, and after a couple of minutes, and without thinking, I simply took both hands from behind my back and pulled them off, and Fiona also helped by wriggling out of them. She then pushed my head into her moist wet *****, and I started to gently use my tongue on her. She was pulling my hair drawing me closer and she ordered me to probe with my tongue deep into her vagina. She then ordered me to suck on her ****. It wasn’t too long before she started to moan quietly. I realized that she was guiding and controlling my mouth and tongue by pulling my hair to guide my head and commanding me where, when, and how she wanted me to service her. Soon she came. It was unlike any ****** she had enjoyed previously. I guess it was the first time she had been in total control.

After a couple of minutes, she looked at me and said “That was wonderful, Darling. Unfortunately, you disobeyed me. You touched me with your hands, so no sex tonight is your punishment. Now, you better give your face a bit of a wash and head off to work. We can talk tonight.”

Over the next couple of days, I realized that she was in fact taking over control of our sex life. I didn’t yet understand that it was more than our sex life that she was taking control of.

After the first two nights of chastity she told me that I had been a good boy and that I could ***. However, she said that I would have to allow her to tie me to the bed. Her rationale was that I could overpower her to get the key. By tying me to the bed she could go and get the key without fear of me following her. So I agreed to let her tie me up, and from that point on, bondage was a part of our lifestyle.

She had obviously planned this in advance because she produced some cuffs and chains, and before I knew it I was lying naked on my back with each arm attached to the top corners of the bed, and my feet tethered to the corners of the foot of the bed.

After a couple of minutes she returned with the key, but instead of unlocking the device, she started teasing me. She started kissing me and running her hands all over me. She was driving me crazy. It was pure torture, and she was enjoying every minute of it. She then sat on my face and told me to kiss her ***** through her silk panties. Her panties were wet by now, and I felt her wetness on my chin as she sat on me face. After a couple of minutes, she removed her panties and then ordered me to use my tongue on her *****. And just like the previous morning, she assumed total control of my tongue and mouth. I began to sense that she was using me like a sex toy. This time however, she stopped before she climaxed, and reached down and at last removed the chastity device. She then sat back on my face and began barking out orders on how I was to proceed servicing her. And she began stroking my penis. I was almost instantly hard, and after the days of teasing and denial I was almost ready to ********* immediately. She then stopped touching me and told me to concentrate on her. She then got back to using my mouth and tongue on her *****. I could hear from her moaning that she close to coming. But then she stopped, got off my face and moved over my still rock hard penis. She then gently lowered herself over my penis, drawing me deep into her vagina. I came within a whisker of *********** while she was sliding me into her very wet vagina. She looked at me, smiled, and said, “Here’s the rules darling. I am going to come with you inside me. But, you are not allowed to *** while you are inside me. I want you to *** after I get off you. If you come while you are inside me you will be punished. Do you understand?” I mumbled “Yes Fiona”. With that she started to move her hips on me, and she began bucking up and down, deliberately sliding up and down my shaft. I tried hard not to ***, but by the third stroke I shot my load. It was probably the most intense ****** I had ever had in my life. There was no doubt that days of denial made for a very intense ******. Meanwhile, she kept grinding and she came very soon after me.

After, a couple of minutes we both regained our composure. Foina laughed “One week of chastity is your punishment. Also, there’s one more thing that you will always do from now on” She then got off me carefully and stood over my face and laughed “have some cream pie!” With that she sat on my face and placed her *****, dripping with my *****, over my mouth and said “Clean me! I don’t want one drop of that icky stuff left inside me when you’re finished. Do you understand?” At that point, I didn't know how I was going to last a whole week without sexual release. I certainly wasn't going to risk making things worse. And for the first time in my life, I tasted what women around the World have been forced to taste since time immemorial, male *********. In this case, it was my own. And at this stage I didn't care, I had at last had an incredible sexual experience, and although I was now well and truly her sex slave, I was happy and content. I actually thanked her for the incredible experience, and I began licking her ***** clean, tasting the saltiness of my own *********.

So our new life together began. She became ever more sexy, and ever more unattainable. She started wearing the sexiest lingerie she could find. She also started wearing leather pants, and leather skirts, and silk blouses. After 10 years of marriage she knew how to push my buttons. She did all sorts of things to get me aroused sexually. Then she would leave me high and dry. She would promise me that I could *** if I did the washing, and the vacuuming, and the laundry. Before I knew it, I was doing all of the housework.

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excellent very well written

Sounds like a bad case of vaginitis!

Loved to read it.

I have been my Mistress wife's sissy slave for over 15 years. She was abused by her last husband and had a hard time trusting men. So a CB-3000 went on the second week we dated. This really brough her out of a shell and she bacame more and more dominant each and every week. We have a lot in common as she now controls my life and i love every moment of it

that was a hot story.. Sounds a lot like my life lol.. and i to love it

Excellent story. Thinking about the research I have done on FLR and male chastity and looking at the large number of failed marriages I have concluded there is a definite link here. Women are very close to leading the work force in top positions, Girls are now smarter and more physical now. They are bypassing boys at schools and universities and achieving better careers. They are becoming more dominant physcicaly against men as shown on some TV show and movies (Girl power). This is re-educating young girls as they grow up being exposed to the media that men and boys are becoming weaker so girls are now becoming more forceful in their defence against the boys. This trend is now unstoppable with self defence groups running self defence training for the public and even girls only usually a private lessons. Self defence training groups now have a larger number of females then males in the student group and it's still growing. Out of the number of boys in the group most of them get beaten by the girls much to the exictment of the mother while the father if he is there usually looks the other way. There are growing numbers of boys now who do not get involved in physcial sport and spend their time playing games on their computers or watching TV. Girls on the other hand are getting more and more involved in physcial sport. You have only got to look at mixed wrestling now approved as a sport in high schools. The girls are increasingly getting better at pinning the boys and are really enjoying embarrasing a boy who has been beaton by a girl. With the passing of time and not so distent away either, women now will gain power in government and will pass laws of power to uplift women and to downgrade men to make them submissive with the main ob<x>jective is for men to be trained to serve women. I think that in time other laws will be passed apart from all the other laws that have been passed to place women over man in all situations. These laws will increase every day as women gain more power in government and eventually will alow women to control a mans sexuality by means of tease and denial and even locked chasity control. Of course the main reason for this is to give women amusement to see once powerful men squirm and struggle now weakened and defeated by a women. Scientist mainly women (Men have kept this quite), have found that a man who is being sexually denied for a period is much more attentive to her needs and the man has irresistable urge to please women that he loves. It's like he has been programmed by a women to do this and it's true, it' so easy. I belive this is not cruel thing at all. The man then awakens in a new enjoyable interesting life with a goal. It's just a case of reprogramming a man and I think men have already installed in their brains the basic data for this to happen. Under her spell if you like to put it that way a man quickly gains a zest for living (somthing to live for such as a drive to achieve a single goal, to please a women) As a man so pleases a women more then so does his love grow stronger. Instead of wham bam thank you mam and then back to the TV or his shed and not showing any interest to his women or want to please her in any way and definitely won't do any house hold chores. Why should he, he is empy now and probably won't even talk to her, He is not showing any love for her. Later when he is still pretty empty and on feeling a little build up he will once again get on top at a connivent time that suites him only for a wham bam thank you mam and then he is gone again to hiw own interest if he has any. Surley marriage has to be better than this. Women give in far to quickly and they are not ready for it as their arousal is slower than a mans and everyone knows women like to be touched,carressed and itimacy is the key. No wonder women are now gaining control and you can't blame them in starting to fight back in the battle of the sex's and they are going to win for the better of mankind, there is no doubt about it.<br />
The women think I will just get this sex thing over and done with and he won't be back for a little while. Is this a real marriage, I don't think so. Communications is the first to go so no wonder marriages break up. Once I think when women gain this power over the male in all aspects of his life and I can see the signs of it starting to happen very quickly. It will then start to gain momentum and only then will men totaly submitt to women he loves and to be truly satisfied and happy with the willingness to please her in all ways. He knows that he the man now has no power whatever and she is holding the key to control him and at sometime depending on his behaviour she will be ready to reward him under her rules, needs and at her time. In the meantime he suffers a build up and is ready to explode as his gentials ache with the fullness. At most times in chasity he will be in a partial aroused state as he thinks of her all the time waiting for that special time when she decides it's time. This give him the pleasure and willingness of doing the given list of chores he has for her. He thinks again of her reward for him and wonders will it be tonight his penis swells in his chasity cage yet agian. Women will be able by law to chain their husband down so as to undo his chasity belt with saftey as she knows with absentance he can become very exited and act like a sex starved bull in a china shop. This could lead to him raping his wife in desperation if she can't fight him off. Of course she would have had special training in putting him down but somtimes a man with the powerful sexual desire will win the struggle and penetrate . If this case was serious enought in the event she was hurt then he would have to face court and take the punishment given out by women only. He would be dragged off wearing only a diaper by women police officers who specialize in male attacks against females. He would be paraded through the streets naked this time and pulled along by his wife holding a rope that is tied to a locked ring around his balls. If he slowed his wife would jerk the rope much to the amusement of the women watching. A lot of women would atttend the public gallary to see the proceedings. Depending on the court verdict made by a judge and jury off all women of course, most punishments for attacking a wife would be that the man would be pubilicly humilated in the open and women would be able to touch and tease to their pleasure for all to see. Of course the man would be given drugs to futher enhance his predictament.<br />
I am sure that marriages in the future will have very few marriage breakups if not at all. Both partners in the marriage will be happy. The man of course is even more happy once he relises that he can not fight back in any way and happly surrenders and gives all his power over to the women..... Well this was meant to be a comment but I sort of got carried away and it's now between a comment and a story of the future life of a man.

Very, very hot sign me up!!

Very well told! An attractive dream...

Might be scary but where do I sign up!

It's a dream that scares the hell out of me