Love, Honour And Obey - Part 2

For the next few months I found myself adjusting to our new lifestyle. I have always loved my wife dearly, but now I found that I was falling ever more deeply in love with her. It is not something that I could rationalize, or explain. I guess love is strange, or at least it can be.

One day, while Fiona and I were enjoying a morning cup of coffee together, I asked her if she could explain why it is that I actually enjoy being denied any say in our sex life. I told her that I didn’t understand how I could possibly enjoy being kept in chastity. She smiled and said “It’s because you are submissive.” “It’s just a part of your nature, and it’s a part of your nature that I love, because I am dominant in nature.” “After all, you must admit that when I do let you ***, you really enjoy it. Don’t you?”

I smiled and said “Yes, you’re right. You have taken me to new heights that I never thought were possible.” I then added “You know Fiona, I find that by being denied the opportunity to climax, I spend a lot of my day thinking of you. I picture your beautiful round bottom, or those breasts that I love to suck, or your ***** that I love to use my tongue and mouth on. In fact you haunt my mind, and I become totally enchanted by the thought of you. That’s why I end up doing whatever you ask of me.”

Fiona laughed and we embraced and started kissing, and without giving it a second thought, I picked Fiona up in my arms and carried her through to the bedroom. I then gently placed her on the bed, and we carried on kissing.

She then pulled away and looked at me and said “You realize that you are my sex slave.” I smiled and said “Well I hadn’t thought about it, but I guess you’re right.” She then said, “if you are my slave then you better start taking orders.”

I was a bit surprised by that comment, and I said “I thought I was doing a pretty good job at following your orders. After all, I am so desperate to ***, you know I will do anything that you ask.”

She then laughed “Anything!?” and I realized that I had walked into a bit of a trap, so I said “Well, I guess so, within reason.” She then looked at me quite earnestly and said “What do you mean by ‘Within reason’?” I said “well, I mean I am not going to break the law, or hurt anyone, or do anything that’s dangerous.”

She then looked at me with a feigned hurt expression on her face and said “I am upset that you would even think that I would ask you to do anything that would break the law, or hurt anyone. After all, I am a lawyer” “I’m sorry Fiona,” I replied, “I guess I was wrong to qualify my comment like that.” She smiled and then said “so that means you’ll do anything I ask, right?” I looked into her beautiful green eyes, and said “Of course Fiona, I have total and absolute trust in you, and I will do anything that you ask.”

She smiled and whispered, “It sounds like you are agreeing to be my slave.”

I realized that this was not a decision to take lightly, but I found the thought of being her slave absolutely enchanting and exciting. I gave her a kiss and said, “If you want me as your slave Fiona, it would be an honour.” She smiled, and again we kissed. This time it was a long sensuous kiss. Our tongues gently explored each other’s mouths while our hands explored and caressed every erogenous area of flesh that we could find. I was, once again, starting to feel the frustrating sensation that had by now become all too familiar.

I expected that Fiona would very soon be asking me to go down on her, or perform some other sexual function that would result in her having an intense ******. But, to my surprise she pulled away and said “Now slave. I want you to remove all of your clothes right now.”

So like an obedient slave, I started to remove my clothes, and I put them in a neat pile on the bed. I was then a bit surprised when she went to the drawer and pulled out the cuffs and chains, and this time cuffed my hands in behind my back, and then cuffed my ankles, so that I could only walk by taking very short shuffle steps. She then gathered my clothes together and walked out of the room with them. I was hoping that she would return with the key to unlock the chastity device, but unfortunately, she came back empty handed.

At this point I was standing beside the bed with my hands tightly secured behind my back, and my ankles chained together. The only other item I was wearing was, of course, the chastity device. She stood in the doorway and seemed to be inspecting me, I could see her mind working. She then approached me and reached out and held my plastic encased penis in her hand and said “Poor Uncle John.” She then added “I guess as long as your hands are tied up behind your back there is no need to keep Uncle John incarcerated. Is there?” “Not at all.” I replied quickly.

She then marched out of the room and came back shortly afterward with the key in her hand. She then removed the device and started stroking my penis. To the surprise of neither of us, my penis responded to her gentle touch immediately. She started flicking my penis with her finger and she said “You know. Now that you are my slave, this penis belongs to me.” “It may be attached to your body, but otherwise it is really no different to any other sex toy that I have.” She then leaned forward and gave it a lick. She then drew it into her mouth and started sucking it. Inside a minute I was very high, and true to form, she stopped and walked away. I was totally frustrated, but at least this time I was able to enjoy having an erection, which is a sensation that was denied me while I was forced to wear the chastity device.

She came back a minute later and started to remove her clothes. She did it slowly and sensually, and from time to time she would interrupt the process to rub herself against my naked body, and stroke my penis. Finally, she removed her bra, and laughingly she hung it on my erect penis. She then went over to the chest of drawers, opened her lingerie drawer and took out a 3 feet long red cord. She walked toward me with a menacing smile on her face. She then smiled and said softly “It’s time for Uncle John to experience the joy of bondage.” She removed the bra that she had left hanging on my erect penis and started stroking my shaft until I was close to cuming. It didn’t take long at all because I was very high before she even touched my penis. She then took the cord and started to tightly tie up my penis and scrotum. It wasn’t painful, but it was a bit uncomfortable. She had tied the cord tightly around the base of my penis, and then looped it around each testicle to separate them, finally winding it around the shaft and tying it securely just underneath the head of my penis.

She then pushed me back onto the bed and I lay there feeling completely helpless. I was lying on my back with my hands tied behind my back, my ankles were also bound, and now my penis was fully erect and very tightly bound. Never before had I felt so totally powerless. Fiona then got up on the bed and stood over me. She was naked except for her black panties which I could see were wet at the crotch. She looked down at me and said “Now slave, tell me exactly how you are feeling right at this moment.” I felt that she probably already new the answer to the question but I replied anyway “I’m feeling extremely helpless Fiona. In fact, I have never felt so vulnerable in my life.”

She then said “Well slave, I have never before felt so powerful. I have complete and total power over you. You are my property. You are to serve me and make me happy. As my slave, you no longer have the right to call me Fiona. From now on you must call me Goddess, because from this point on I am your Goddess. Do you understand slave?” “Yes Goddess.” I replied. She then continued “Now slave I am going to ‘Queen’ you. Do you know what that means, slave?” “No Goddess. I have no idea” I replied. She smiled and said “I am going to sit on your face and use you to achieve sexual gratification. You are to use your mouth and tongue as I command. Do you understand slave?” Again I replied “Yes Goddess.”

Now it was very strange, because although I was feeling very vulnerable, I was also feeling highly aroused sexually. It is a response and sensation that I simply couldn’t make sense of, but happily I didn’t dwell on it. I decided to just go with the flow and enjoy the experience of being a slave to this woman who had, through her intelligence and force of character, turned me into her slave and herself into my Goddess. As I was thinking these thoughts she lowered her wet panty clad ***** onto my mouth. This time however, she grabbed my head and pulled my head firmly into her bottom so that my nose was pushed into her anus, and my mouth was covered by her *****. I was intoxicated by the sensation. The feel and the scent of her womanhood had me highly aroused and then I suddenly realized that I couldn’t breathe. A few seconds later I started moving my head in an attempt to get some air, but she held me firmly and I couldn’t move or do anything about it. I decided to relax and rely on her to not let me suffocate. After all, I had agreed to trust her. She then moved forward and allowed me to breathe through my nose. She then said “Remember slave, although I hold the power of life and death over you, you must always trust me to look after you.” She then removed her panties and she commanded me to suck her ****. By now I was an expert at sucking her ****. It had reached the point where I knew by every little movement of her hips exactly what was expected of me. Faster or slower, gentler or harder, I could suck her exactly as she wanted. In hindsight, it was the first thing that she had trained me to do. It didn’t take long before she came. It is probably because she was very high before she mounted my face, but she had a very intense ******. I felt my face being held in a vice like grip between her thighs as she came. And she came in an explosion of feminine nectar that I found absolutely intoxicating and highly sensual. I continued to lick up her juices, and to my surprise her hips started moving again as she had a second, very intense ******.

After a few minutes she got off me and lay on her back on the bed, and just relaxed. It was about 10 minutes later that she finally spoke. She said “Well slave you did well, and you should be rewarded.” “However, it will have to wait until tonight because I have to shower and go to work for a couple of hours, even though it is saturday.” With that she got up and walked toward the bedroom door. Before she could leave the room I spoke up. “Excuse me Goddess, but shouldn’t you untie me?” She looked around and said “Oh yes I almost forgot to tell you, a slave is not allowed to speak unless he is asked a question.” With that she grabbed her soiled panties, wiped them against her ***** and shoved them into my mouth. She then left the room and had her shower. I lay there for another half hour to contemplate all that had happened.

She came back and started dressing herself for work. I still lay on the bed trussed up where she had left me. She started talking, and with her panties still stuffed into my mouth I could not join the conversation. She said “I am going to have some simple rules that you will have to follow.” “To start with, you will only wear clothing that I allow you to wear. I have locked away all of your clothes except for those that are needed when we have to appear vanilla. And even those are under lock and key. The only clothing that you free to wear whatever you want are woman’s clothes. Starting right now you are only allowed to wear feminine lingerie. Your male underwear has been thrown out in the trash. You will wear panties, stockings and garter belt under your work clothes. You will also shave your legs regularly. I will be inspecting you. So you’ve been warned. Do you understand?” She then reached over and removed her panties from my mouth.

I replied “Yes Goddess.” She then went over to her lingerie drawer and pulled out a pair of pink silk panties and walked towards me. I immediately had a sense of horror. She’s not going to make me wear those is she? I thought. Sure enough, she removed the cuffs from my ankles and started drawing the panties up over my legs. She had me stand up, and she continued to draw them up over my penis, that was still firmly tied up. She then started to untie my penis and, remarkably, it became instantly erect again. She then laughed “Well what do you know? I married a sissy boy.” I was deeply embarrassed and ashamed, and I turned red in the face. She laughed again “Oh sissy boy is embarrassed!” At this point I didn’t know what to do, and this was exactly the response that Fiona was hoping for. “Who would have thought that my macho husband, who was too masculine to even be seen in a pink sweater would be turned on by dressing as a sissy girl.” she laughed.

She then looked at my penis and said “Well, sissy boy we really have to do something about that erection if I am to get you back into the chastity device, and I am definitely not going to let you *** all over those pretty panties.”

She then told me to bend over the end of the bed. she then removed the belt from the leather pants that she was wearing and started whipping me with the belt. It stung quite a bit, and sure enough after about 3 or 4 strikes I was completely flaccid. I guess she was watching because before I knew it she had put the detested chastity device back on.

Finally, she removed the cuffs from my wrists and headed towards the front door as I stood there dumbfounded at all that had just transpired, wearing nothing but a pretty pair of silk panties, and still frustrated but aroused, and unable to do anything about it.

And, as she walked out of the door she said “Be sure to shave those legs before I come back.” She then laughed and said “Who would have guessed that uncle John is a drag queen?”

By the way, “Uncle John” is my nom de penis. One morning, Fiona, and I were listening the Allman Brother’s version of Statesboro Blues. It’s a song that uses the same name for the same purpose, and from that point on, Fiona would often refer to my penis as Uncle John. Sometimes we could be in a public place, and some sexy thought would occur to one of us, and Fiona would ask me in a loud voice, “And how is Uncle John now?”

And that was the start of it all. From that point on, it became more than just a sex game. I also found that Fiona, would find new ways to control me. She would find new ways to ensure that I could not back out of this arrangement, although so far, I have never had the desire to back out. If anything it has been the opposite. The deeper she has drawn me in, the more I have enjoyed it.

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Lucky you, I'm jealous with you.

Wow !! This story is amazing, and the more i read the more i realize that we have so much in common. I must dress in a full maids outfit every day to serve. And i also sleep in a bra and panties under my long nylon or satin gowns. I am only allowed out of my CB_3000 once a month, and Mistress controlls everything in our life. I would also love to hear more about your incredible life

Me too pussielicker4U2, I would love to serve such a Woman. Power to the Females!

WOW. I would love to read a part 3,4 or more. I've never worn or fantasized about being feminized/cross dressed, but, if I had a relationship with a dominant woman, your post made me realize I fast I would find it so if she ordereed it.

me too, i like it