I Love To Hump Everything

I am 18, and I have always been in love with dry humping. I feel so sexy as I slowly undress myself and look in the mirror with me wearing only my panties. My favorite method of humping is when I position a pillow on top of the arm of a reclining chair I have, and then I slowly start to grind on it. My panties are so soft and rub against my **** and I get really wet. I start pinching my nipples or I put clips on them so they are hard the whole time, and I twist the clips so it makes my nipples hurt in a really good way. If I feel super sexy I do this and then slowly put a butt toy in my *** and have it in there while I slowly grind my ***** still. When Im about to ****** I thrust the toy in my butt while twisting the clip until I'm moaning "I'm your ****" "I'm your *****" "I'm your naughty girl". I have always loved humping pillows and the corner of my bed and the arm of chairs while being really dirty about it.
sweetjuicypeach sweetjuicypeach
22-25, F
2 Responses Oct 12, 2012

Oh my . . .

this has got me hot, im gona have to **** my pillow
id love to see you hump your pillow