I Love Touching Myself

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to finger my *****.

I've been ************ since I was really young, maybe about 11 or 12...and I can not imagine what my life would be like if I didn't play with my *****.

I normally will ********** to ****. I love lesbian **** and female ************ **** (www.ifeelmyself.com). I usually ********** while I'm lying down with my computer right next to me. I watch a couple of videos before I start rubbing my ****, even though my ***** is always wet after watching just one video. I rub my ***** over my clothes first, making myself wetter and wetter. And with my other hand I rub on my ******* and play with my nipples.

My nipples are soooo sensitive, and after they get nice and hard I take off all my clothes, lie on the bed, and place my fingers on my wet *****..and I start rubbing even more. The more I rub the closer I get to ******* all over my fingers. Rubbing, rubbing, rubbing..and I stick my fingers deep inside my *****...in and out, in and out...all the while getting wetter and wetter.

And when I can't hold it anymore..I *** all over my fingers. Mmmmmmm...My ***** juices all over my fingers and I sometimes lick them clean.
truelyture truelyture
26-30, F
Dec 31, 2012