Female Nude Photography And ************

I am a professional photographer, my specialties; Landscapes, Portraits, Life Scenes, Marine over the last couple of years I've diversified into nudes.

The following are experiences with Celia. She is a friend of my wife (and mine), we all became close and comfortable together almost instantly, this progressed to her modelling for me nude, now (fully) erotic. Initially there was a level of unease when she undressed, she must feel 'safe' and comfortable now as this aura is non existent, our work is platonic and professional, anything else would change the dynamics of how the three of us interact & spoil the friendship we share.

Celia is attractive, sexually appealing and desirable, she has shared her innermost feelings and insecurities with me. In many ways I have seen more of her than her husband of 20+ years and her many lovers, having intimate knowledge of this lady is a privilege.

In her open moments she freely admits to experimenting with social drugs, having spontaneous “lust” driven sex sometimes described as “*******”, other times “Making Love” in various locations from beaches to balconies.

Celia is the kind of lady that 'turns heads'. Over the years she has undoubtedly caused many an argument between couples, a lot of men (and women) have fantasised over her whilst ************ or having sex with another.

She had her first **** (what it was) at 16, she didn't achieve ****** then, and never has, with a man inside her, nor when receiving oral sex. This really confounds me, from my experience all women can 'get off' being kissed or licked – some needing to be fingered (G spot massaged) simultaneously.

I did meet one woman who was so self conscious of her normal scent she wouldn't let anyone go down on her. Constantly I tried to reassure her that men ********** whilst smelling their fingers or girlfriends panties she could never overcome this phobia – at least with me. More on this; some women I've met would finger themselves then curl up and go to sleep enjoying the scent on their fingers as they find the aroma very sensual/sexual, some have confided they smell their panties regularly as a way to monitor their own Vaginal health.

As reserved as Celia is with ************, it's the only way she can come. We experimented today she tried a self examination to find her “G” spot (unsuccessfully on the first attempt). She may try next week as her period must be due soon after. Celia has a G spot, one lover made her squirt (female ***********) by inserting one finger into her Vagina, 30+ years into her sexual history.

Celia is in her early 40's, is of the 'Asian Persuasion'

Height 5'5”
Weight 59kg
Eyes Brown
Complexion fair
Hair Black
Pubic hair Black – slightly wavy, trimmed, not shaved (tried once & didn't like) - to natural
Bra 36B
Panties 10

Married Once
Six serious Boyfriends
“Flings/*****” 60

Celia lost her Virginity out of curiosity and lust when she was 16.

Making Love/******* @ 16 Satisfaction 9/10 – from physical contact & internal friction.
Started ************ @ 13 10/10 – 2 - 3 weekly* to climax
************ partner @ 17 6/10 – 100% not to climax, by sexual activity
Oral Sex – receiving @ 18 7/10 – 50% to climax 0
Oral Sex – giving @ 17 7/10 – 50% not to climax (orally) Vaginally
Anal @ 41 5/10 – one time only, last year

*Celia has used various household items internally; bottles, slender deodorant cylinders etc, occasionally Aubergines or other vegetables in conjunction with Clitoral massage to achieve climax.

Kinkiest thing ever done – ******* in a friends house at a dinner party.

She is multilingual, a good conversationalist, worldly, well travelled and educated, her hobbies include Yoga, Meditation, Aromatherapy, Dance, Cooking, Nutrition, and much more. She is rebellious, has an outgoing personality, infectious smile, conveys an air of self confidence/assurance one minute (and is closed/reserved the next). As strong willed as she is, I feel there is a part of her which may enjoy being submissive.

Describing her physically is a pleasure, Celia's exercised body is toned, Breasts are proportional and sit beautifully on her torso. Nipples are Pink & light in colour (for an Asian). They react instantly to her touch or spray of cool water.

For our first shoot her pubic hair was trimmed short though now longer, I asked her to leave it so we can experience the full natural look and have suggested that she shave at some point – it would be nice to capture her in a 'pre pubescent' light though she isn't comfortable with this, maybe she will change her mind.

These days many women opt for Labiaplasty (Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery) to enhance their looks. Celia has an “off the rack” Designer Vagina. Pubic hair distribution/pattern is attractive and even, her Vaginal 'slit' is quite high the crease clearly visible when standing.

Prone with her legs parted she presents a fine line, or 'inner smile' as I call it, her lips are symmetrically even, and pretty to look at.

Aroused her Vulva darkens, the inner labia turn almost Black as they engorge with blood, this swelling pushes her outer lips apart.

In one of our earlier shoots we had Celia lying on the bed looking 'Dreamy' as if she'd just woken up or was going to sleep these turned out extremely well I commented that many men, and women would love to be next to what she portrayed in these photos, I haven't been able to recapture this.

I asked her to show me an “Orgasmic face”, she tried, unsurprisingly they looked terrible. Celia was under the covers, I couldn't see her hands so I suggested she touch herself, pretending she was alone, she didn't climax though it was exciting.

We re-enacted this last week, this time I watched. Starting off she played with her hair, slowly the fingers stroking from the bottom of lips towards the top, eventually focussing on her Clitoris. I wanted to see her finger inside herself, she obliged and it was beautiful to watch the movement of her wet finger sliding in and out it of her vagina.

Still curious I asked to see inside she parted her lips, it was like looking at a freshly opened Black Lipped Oyster, her milky secretion adding a sheen.

This work can be intense, it's not only visual sensations, her Vagina makes sucking noises as her finger works in and out and there is her intimate sexual scent.

We ended up with a stunning set of photos from this shoot, especially when she was near climax.
Ironically a couple of days ago we were reviewing one of her erotic books, there was an article written by an artist who's published a book showing women from different age groups discussing, and demonstrating their ************ techniques. I think this will put her more at ease with what she's done, and shared with me & boost her sexual self confidence, re-awakening what she has hidden, or locked away. Celia seems open to just about anything, fulfilling a self discovery intent.

From Celia..
I tend to agree with what my friend has said, synchronising with some of my own observations about myself. From a young age, I've always been curious, exploring, arguing, looking for alternative answers, and I don't sit well with standard consensus. At times, I'd go all out to test for results and reactions.

I set my own boundaries.

Physically I am of an average height for an Asian woman, medium build. I am 164 cm and about 59 kg. Up until recently, I had some insecurities about my body and weight. Sometimes I think I look really beautiful, sometimes I am very critical of my looks too.

Emotionally; I am a very passionate person.

Members of both sexes complimenting me on my looks and dress makes me: feel damn good, confident, and brings out the diva in me.

Why I posed nude and decided to ********** in front of my photographer friend – exploration, test the limits!

How and when I **********; Usually with my fingers Clitorally, sometimes using objects internally – when I think of my boyfriend, who's in transit to here.

How I feel about my breasts (and what they like) My breasts are one of my best assets, along with my hair and my skin. I love caressing them, and I feel very loving touching them. I like the colour, shape, and sensitivity of my nipples.

How I feel about my Vulva. It looks like a creature on its own.

Ever since my friend has photographed my Vulva, I have looked at it with more interest than before. I have begun to appreciate the look of it, the feel of it, and the smell of it. No wonder why some people describe it as Venus. It is a sacred part on the female physic.

Oct 13, 2013