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But I am a nudist, and so is my wife. I have been a practicing card carrying nudist since 1994, my wife is a bit newer to it though she has had private nude experiences in her past. I introduced her to nudism shortly after we met about seven years ago. She gave it a try and has been in love with it ever since. Nudism has helped her overcome many of her inhibitions and improved her self image/confidence/esteem. She has grown to feel that its the most natural and wholesome experience to have. She wishes there were more females she knew to share it with, but she is just as happy to experience it alone and share it with me. Indoors and outdoors, she is happy to have a nudist lifestyle.
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I have a neighbor that loves to be nude at home but would never take her clothes off otherwise. I asked her if she would like to try a nudist resort where everyone is naked. She declined saying I'm not taking my clothes off in public. So I dropped it.

Several weeks later she asked about the nudist resort knowing I go there often. I said give it a try, you don't have to get naked if you don't feel comfortable. I told her to bring a two peice suit and a towel, that way you can be topless to start and go all the way if you want.

When we arrived she saw everyone was naked, she said I really feel out of place. So off came her top, within a hour she was naked. I said you're just another naked body here, nobody will take notice other than your new.

We've been there several times now and is very comfortable being nude around others.

Good story, I agree with your wife. There are not enough female nudist to share clean nudist experiences with. Not all but most of the so-called nudist on EP are men using nudity for their sexual satisfaction.

Wow count me in!