I enjoy being nude in my own home at times.  It is comfortable, especially in hot humid weather.  I don't think I would or can become a nudist...nude beaches, nah.  Maybe a few would say; you don't know what you're missing or whatever.  It doesn't make me a nerd cause I'm not into it.  Being naked in your own home is one thing and being naked in front of thousands is another.  I like both, the female and the male body but seeing all of them naked at once...nah.
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I'm one, working up to the other

i like naked, it is fun

Come nude out of home. It is exciting, lovely and new life. We were born naked. Our ancient ancestor have been living naked for thousands of years. Adam & Eve were nude. Why can't we? I do it regularly (walking nude outdoor). Every time I feel energetic and born afresh. Chootrani

Break it down, into smaller parts; lets drop the "naked in front of thousands is another" try to find just 1 person to be naked in front of, female is ok. Then after lots of time, move to 2 persons etc.


Some people, you can't help

Perhaps you might considir a nudist resort. Yes there are others around, but not like thousands on a beach. Google

I checked it out :) I still need reading about it.