Respect For Nudists

I love being with nature, that is the way we all were born be it male or female isn't it, I live in India a very conservative country with a lots of drama about nudists, I have great respect for them all as they live with nature. So cute, keep in touch if you like my comments.
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4 Responses Aug 29, 2011

nice i am nduist too, i been to few nudist destinations

How nice my Indian friend! I am also Indian, a married woman, proud of my husband who, like me is a nudist. I have travelled South Asian countries discussing with women their sexual/nudity issues. It was encouraging that many women read EP stories, some alone, some in company with husband or bfs. I am working for awareness about women's sexuality and encourage them to enjoy nude living. I however found that majority of South Indians, both men and women, are shy to express their experiences, so I uploaded my e mail to share with me. Thanks to all, as I have been receiving large number of mails. If you like we can share ours. My e mail is lolita dot frank at yahoo dot com.

It's always nice to live Naturally whenever and wherever possible. Life would become more beautiful if we get like minded naturist friends. Enjoy Naturism forever :)

Why do indians have hang-ups about nudity? I think in a country where there is nudity depicted in some mandirs there this would not have been so!