Just Being Natural


  I'm a 26-year-old woman who began practicing "full naturism" (nudism included) three years ago. I first started with an older friend of mine, but now I'm doing it with my boyfriend too.

 I like the feeling of freedoom, and being myself. Who cares if I have the ideal bikini body? I'm naked! :)

  Being a naturist also allowed me to be more confortable with myself, since I no longer feel the need to be totally shaved or made up...I'm finally able to just pick up my towel and go to the beach/camping/wherever without a second thought about how i look - because I always feel I look great, no matter what!
MissNN MissNN
26-30, F
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Its just great to be comfortable and naked outdoors - or anywhere!

Appreciable. It is really a fantastic life, my experience.

Great attitude, and confidence is so sexy!!

I would love to lick your entire body. I love a hairy woman.


I will come home in the evening. I will sit for a bit on my patio in the nude. The warm tropical breezes. After a bit I will jump into my pool, and swim. It was especially nice last week,with the full moon, just floating in the water on my back, the stars, and full moon. It's just so natural the feeling so different than swimming with swim trunks on.

Its good to see someone like you

Its great that you feel comfortable with the skin your in. Thanks for sharing :)

Great Attitude!!!! I recently went to an Adults Only Hotel in Fl . I was told it would be OK to be nude 24/7!! Well - I can't tell you how exciting it was to check into my room - undress - get naked - and then walk out of the room totally naked & go down the hall - into the lobby & over to the pool!!!!!!! Totally cool - wearing flip flops & a hat - thats it. I stayed 5 days & it was just so great hanging out with a few hundred other totally nude guys & girls. A total blast!!!! I was on my balcony reading & a neighbor from down the hall was leaning on their balcony - I was totally nude - & it was so nice just sitting there & saying Hi!!! All while totally nude!!!!!!!

Lovely. Keep enjoying Naturist lifestyle.

Miss NN, I absolutely agree that one should feel free to live, walk, go swimming etc. with or without clothes, the way you are comfortable. I also prefer nude living. It was my elder sister who encouraged me to take off clothes when sun bathing or swimming in open. Now i do it alone or with my boy friend who also loves being nude. rozinapark.

I love it. I have beautiful body, round boobs, erect nipples most of the time and attractive mound of Venus. Its my body and I have all the right to decide if I want cloth-culture or nude living. My husband does not object to walking me nude in and out side (he rather loves to see me without clothes). It is wonderful liberated life.

Getting confidence of own body is the achievement which everybody doesn't have. Keep going high.

That's what its all about. The love and freedom of having no clothes on. So good 4 u

That's wonderful, just what being naked should make you feel. You are blessed to feel so comfortable and happy in you own skin. When we are naked we are all equal and doesn't matter a jot who has an "ideal" bikini body.