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I had written a story about being a Christian nudist, but in all actuality I believe I'm just a nudist. this has all happened within the last year. I really love the freedom and feeling of being clothes free. It's all at home though, and not constantly because of two teens still in the house. I feel somewhat inhibited about others seeing me nude. My husband encourages me because he thinks I look great for 49. This is new to me. Do we post pictures to share? I am nude in my profile photo. Looking to make acquaintances.

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I am a Christian and was a friend with a Christian woman who I admired and respected for her spirituality. She just had a baby and it was just she and I at her house with the baby one day. We were talking about God and spirituality when all of a sudden she stopped and said, "Ok if I feed the baby"? I automatically said sure. Suddenly as she was talking, she unbuttoned her blouse and became nude from the waist up. She continued our conversation without covering anything up - just the baby at her breast. I was totally surprised that I didn't think twice about it. After about 5 minutes it dawned on me that she was topless. In the loving spirit of our conversation, I started to notice how beautiful her breasts were for what they were - God's creation not a lustful fixation. This made me think throughout the years how it was possible to be nude with others with honor and respect in a setting such as a nudist club. So years later I visited one. It was so enjoyable to get to know families who were totally nude and who I could appreciate body, mind and spirit in a healthy way. These people became even more precious to me for I saw them completely as they were.

I encourage you to expand your horizons. Try being nude outside, or take a nude ride in the car. Take it a step at a time. The sun and air on your nude body is a wonderful feeling, and doing it with others is even better. Generally, nudists are very friendly people.

I just turned 50 and my wife is 49. She is absolutely beautiful and still gets me going seeing her nude. We've been nudists for a while, love the feeling of freedom.

posting is a start to sharing others your nudity, you may feel comfortable with that and reading the comments may help you come out even more, would you please add me as i would like to see from you thanks

I'm also a Christian home nudist with a very modest wife and teenage children. Because they haven't reached the same comfort with nudity that I have, I keep my home nudity to myself. Because I travel for work, I'm also able to practice nudity much more while on the road. How often are you naked when home alone? I'd say, I am 90% of the time when I know I'll have at least a couple of hours uninterupted.

There are nudist who have christian beliefs but, would not think of themselves as christian nudists. Being naked is not the problem, it is what you do when you are naked.

I think my religion is nudism .As a nudist I am broadminded nonjudgemental and believe everyone was born equal and a right to be treated with respect .I live by the saying (do unto others as you would have them do to you)violence and death is not the answer to world problems death begets death where does it end .

I don't know that religon has much to do with it, I was raised Catholic, my parents went to church almost every sunday for many years, they still enjoyed their summer time nudisum.

My sister and I were asked to put on clothes if there was company that would see us otherwise we rarely wore anything during the summer months.

Welcome to the group. I grew up in a clothing opp family, my sister and I were able to be naked from toddlers through our teens, my parents never cared about our nudity because they were in some state of undress during summer months as well.

I have two girls, both enjoyed the option to dress or not and enjoyed being naked into their teens. Both now in their 40's one still enjoys the nudist lifestyle with her own family.

I think you will find that you have discovered a very pleasurable aspect of life.

I am curious about your distinction between "nudist" and "christian nudist". You do seem secure in your faith but why the distinction?

We knew many people of Christian and other faiths when we were members of two nudists groups before moving to another part of the country. It was interesting being at one of the camps on Sunday and see families arriving around 1pm, obviously still in their "Sunday best".

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