Family Home Nudist

I am 21 year old and i really thank my parents to give us (me and my younger brother) a very free and happy home environment.
My parents sleep naked at night but don't walk naked expect for going to kitchen. My younger brother sleeps naked and doesn't bother wearing cloths till next morning he takes bath.
I am happy walking naked few times only but not always. I really don't want to be seen by strangers. I wear shorts at home and sleep naked. I love walking topless. I enjoy dining topless, most of time when its a time for breakfast. I come out of bathroom naked with towel either clipping my hair or on my west.
I am very happy staying naked indoor.
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A nice story, sweetie!

I grew up in a clothing opp family. From toddlers on my sister and I were allowed to be naked. During summer months very little was worn around home.

We had a pool, so skinny dipping was normal. Through our school days a few of our friends would join us in the pool.

It was a great time growing up with the enjoyment of not having to wear clothing if didn't wish to.

Nudisum is a enjoyable lifestyle that has nothing to do with sex. I hope you get to enjoy it outside of your home, it's very rewarding.

good for you and your family to be open about nudity :)

wowwwwwww wana be frnds with u...

well as long your ok with that and the family is no objection then thats absolutely fair and relaxing.

You are right. Nudism without family support is just like taking shower in the bathroom. lol.

It is good that you and your family have an open attitude to being naked in front of each other.

If nudism starts from family itself, it is clean and healthy. If family members respect you, you really starts loving yourself and your self respect increases.

Being naked with the family is healthy and takes away a lot of unwanted hang-ups about the human body. We all have bodies and they should be not hidden away.