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i am an artist from india. i have always wondered why it is necessary to wear clothes all the time.. it weird and not needed to be "covered" to put on something to hide your self. i am new to the term nudist, i never knew such groups exist but i am very familiar with its ideologies. as an artist i love to paint my self nude, accepting my body fully. but, unfortunately i am unable to exhibit these works.. haven't been able to muster up the courage till now !
i totally support and applaud nudists/naturists. apart from all the wonderful things it does to you and your personality such groups would also help break the notion of ideal bodies and help accept, respect and love your body as it is.
i hope i get out of my shell of shyness soon !
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Hi! I am from Delhi,India....., am too a nudist, but nudity is not allowed in , so I do keep myself free from cloths when i am at home. I agree with you...sometimes one feel restricted...if not able show one,s art or skills to other. I also support naturism...and wud appreciate. If you feel ok to share your arts. Will also share mine..thanks bye.

i totally agree with you. when we nude we hide nothing, we appear in our true form.
everything around us in naked animals, trees, birds etc, so for us nudity is just a nature n god creation.

Dear sagi91, I admire your initiative. At the same time endorse your views and apprehensions because I myself an Indian. I know it is very conservative society, don't know why? when our gods and goddesses are depicted totally nude. I love staying nude as and when get an opportunity. I also love to speak "dirty" words like, my attractive "choot" or "phuddi", big and round "mammay", mujhe apna lun choosne do, etc. My husband likes my nudity (he too stays nude most of the time), I have luckily found a like-minded girl friend, She very often visits our home and we three enjoy nudity. It is always refreshing. Chootrani (as my hubby calls me).

Thank you for your story. I too think nudity should be more widely accepted. People's bodies are not perfect, but that's ok. If you ever get past your shyness of showing your work, i would love to see some of your art.

No one will know who you are on this site. Post some art and see what responses you get.