Beginning Of Nude Living

My nude living began when I was about 13. It does not mean that before that I never took off my clothes. I did, not only while taking shower but also when found opportunity. My parents were not too rigid in this matter. They preferred to sleep without clothes. I had seen my father day time in underwear, and my mom either in panties or small shirt, without bra and panties. She would never mind to take off shirt too if it was hot. So nudity was not a big issue in my family. But I was shy to put off all clothes, except on a few occasions at night, ijn the presence of my younger sis.
Once I was visiting my uncle during summer. My aunt did not care to cover up her body, so too her two sibling, boy of my age and girl about ten. It was really fascinating and surprising for me to see them nude when at home. The second day of my visit was a remarkable, rather thrilling and "revolutionary".
I was feeling hot when my aunt noticed and advised me to put off clothes. I was shy, but did as was told. To start with, I could not acclimatize but my aunt encouraged me saying that one could not enjoy nature and fabulous living unless him/herself became a part thereof. Having taken off my clothes, i tried to hide my small boobs under my hands, and c**t while crossing legs,
I was not advised anymore, probably my aunt wanted me to be comfortable and see them myself walking totally nude. They seemed to be uninhibited, normal and working routine work. I mustered my courage and stood up. A few minutes later, I was one of them: totally nude, no shyness, no reservation.
For the first time I saw 13 years old boy without clothes. His small pen** was hanging beautifully, of course of and on it got erection bur nobody noticed. My aunt told me that it was normal for boys.
I stayed there for ten days. It was the wonderful period. When back at home, I was not a shy girl. I would put off my clothes when at home, though my mom advised me to be careful as some body might have a look at me. I did not care.So it was that I I began to live nude. Now I love outdoor nudity, a circle of like-minded friends, going to beach in nude and enjoying a new life.( I am xylilita, 28 years, and enjoying excellent sex life),
xylolita xylolita
26-30, F
Jan 7, 2013