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My parents and brother arent into it and my mom constantly tells me to put clothes on but Im so much more comfy naked! The only time I will most definately wear clothes in the house is when we have guests(for my parents). I love being naked!

socalianne88 socalianne88 16-17 40 Responses Jan 1, 2009

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One day you will have your place, and then you can truly be yourself to the max! I hope that one day soon they will understand how you feel...we all like to be nude in our home.

Good for you! My wife and daughters are the same way, but we tell guests that clothes are optional, they can leave theirs on if they like :)

woop woop

Being naked is normal, it's just that people who still prefer to wear clothes haven't realised it yet...

cool just enjoy being free

that is cool, be nakeed

like being naked too

I'm nude at my house all day while my kids are at school.

Same with me too, always nude at home. only when guest comes, I hatefully wear dress. Enjoy Nudism friend

It's a trap she's 16

it was posted in 2009 shes probably like 20 now

go you woooooo

i agree with eversharp533, how ever nude is one thing being nude to be rude is another, by that i mean your body language if your going to suggest something other than intended well enough said on that i think...enjoy your natural nudity but be carefull.being young see if you can get some permision with people you may know who is ok with it and like mindedness good on you. just keep on at your parents they will come around eventualy.heres to happy naked naturalism. enjoy :)

I wished I was brave enough to do it, the only time I'm nude is during doctors exams, bedtime and bathtime, if I was brave enough to be nude all the time, it would cut down on all that washing.

I'd love to talk to you more about it, but your profile is blocked. :(

I would like to chat about this life style with you Anne e-mail me at thank you.

That's good don't change for no one be your own person.I don't have kids but I would let them be them self and not tell them how they should live there own life just help guide them.But Kids rised in the nudist life style are very well ground that I seen in my nudist life style with other friends into the same life style.

That's good don't change for no one be your own person.I don't have kids but I would let them be them self and not tell them how they should live there own life just help guide them.But Kids rised in the nudist life style are very well ground that I seen in my nudist life style with other friends into the same life style.

Hey Anne, I just wanted to add this. I am a home nudist myself and would enjoy discussing the pros & cons of trying to be nude around the house and yard. As I said in an earlier comment I was the oldest of 6, 3 boys then 3 girls, and we had a very open attitude about casual nudity around the house and back yard right up through our teen years. Send me a PM from my profile and if you are blocked you can write me directly at

Just wait until you are on you own then...there will be no pressure on you!

I, too, commend you. It is not an easy decision to make if the entire household is not behind you in it. I was not raised in a nudist or naturist household but my parents established a very open attitude towards casual nudity such as going between bedroom and bathroom or changing in our rooms with doors open. With six of us kids, three boys of which I am the oldest and then three girls, we learned that the naked body was nothing to be ashamed of and we all used to play nude outside in nice weather since we had a private backyard. As I have said in other comments along this line I am grateful for the way I was raised for a number of reasons and one in particular is that I was not bothered at all when I got into upper grades where we had to shower after gym and after school athletics while most of the other kids were panic stricken. Keep up your good attitude and enjoy the freedom.

do any of your girlfriends go nude with you at your home or theirs?

Nudity is beautiful. I think it's wonderful that you feel more comfortable naked and that a girl of your age has no hang-ups about taking her clothes off.

socialianne88,<br />
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I agree with hadakarei, When i bought my house, I declared it a clothing optional place. You can dress or undress to your comfort level.<br />
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Bare Hugs<br />

There's no good reason to wear clothes around the house if you feel more comfortable naked. One of the best things about moving out was being able to walk around my house without having to dress.

while you have to find a way to respect your parent's rules at home, dont let it discourage or dissuade you from enjoying the freedom of complete nudity. when i lived at home i had to restrict being naked to my room unless no one else was home then i would go all over the house nude. even though sleeping naked was frowned upon, when i had to, i would wear a tshirt but be naked below. it also helped that i had a cousin (girl) who was only a few months younger than me that also loved to be naked. we were often naked together.

Hi Anne, I am entirely pro choice on the matter, if you want to be naked then be so, you certainly show Great Spirit in being true to your own sense of self, and you are in my humble opinion perfectly entitled to be as naked and free as you wish, just as they that are ashamed of their bodies due to social conditioning are to cover up their bodies.<br />
<br />
To think that the bible thumpers say that we are made in the creators own image, and we are his best work, and as a tribute to him they insist we cover up, this his best his best work, they tend to be a bit hypocritical do you not think.

I wish I could be nude more but I even though I am 35 years old am living with family who would ob<x>ject and and is clearly out ofthe question except for sleeping and when no one else is home.

I wish I could be naked more also, I mean I am to afraid to even bring it up with my parents.

that would be nice .... comfortable in her own skin so to speak.... great times to come??/

Nude is confortable nude is nice and sometimes nude is naughty but that is nice as well. I hope my daughter wants to be nude soon but of course it is her choice.

Encourage her early. She has so much to gain from it.

being nude at home or where its allowed is awesome and many practice it and enjoy it as i do. the being carefull part is due to some that may not behave or that have alterior motives around young girls. nudity of girls at any age around adult men is a risk , be sure to practice and enjoy nudity with people that you know or trust for safty and legal reasons. your parents are right to have you dress with non family over. you have 1 yr left then its your decision to be nude around whom you wish and anyone around you will enjoy the view as well as enjoy being nude where ever.