Comfy and Natural

I feel best in my own skin. Nothing to restrict my movement, get stained or wet, or keep me from feeling the sun and wind. I'm lucky because I live out in the country with a huge yard so I can go outside and swim, go for a walk in the woods, or whatever and don't have to worry about the neighbors seeing me.

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7 Responses Jan 12, 2009

Lovely. Enjoy naturism :)

My suggestion would be to find a some forest with little overgroth that you can access and go for a walk but make a few rips to the same area so you don,t get lost in an environment you dont know, i go through the winding vallys in the hill here where no one goes and just get the gear off and go for a realy nice long walk take a towle and spread out somewhere and enjoy natures best, better if you have someone to share with, i,m the same as most of you i have neighbers as well so in the home or the hills for now, plans for a natrlism group in my area in the future is something i want to do soon. how ever the hills and home for now, Having good privacey good on you, :)

There are houses close by on all sides so going naked outdoors in my yard is out of the question unfortunately

You are lucky indeed!

That must be nice, having all that land to go nude on. I envy you, I just live in an apartment right now.

I agree about not wanting to be on top of other people. I do go outside my house and yard and most of it is well hidden from public view, though some parts are not. I try my hardest to ensure that I am not seen by neighbors or others for theirs and my sake (do not want to be messing with law enforcement). much as nudists wish we could stay nude when we go out into public (grocery shop, pay bills, go to work, go to the movies, etc.), we respect the laws that exist in textile society. We also understand that not everyone is comfortable with nudity, so most of us arent into shocking, offending, being exhibitionists, or infringing on the rights of others. As for communities....some of us do live in them, however most of us live right in the same neighborhoods that you do. We could be your next door neighbors, your mail carrier, your local law enforcement officer, the teller at your local bank, even the minister of a local church, etc. Alot of us have to restrict our nudity to inside our homes, but many of us have the opportunity to enjoy our yards because they provide privacy enough to do so. Often we will find places where we can be nude out of doors (my wife and I go out int remote areas of the national forest or along a local river) or we visit a nudist club/resort when we can. We would love to be accepted by general society, but until there is more understanding and education about us, we will just have to remain in the background for the most part (though there are great stride being made).