I Love Showing My Body

Hi I think maybe I am more of an exhibitionist that a natrist but because of that I love to go to the nudist beach and get all of my clothes off I pick a place at the back of beach near the sand dunes so that I am away from the crowds but also so that when a man or woman (naked of course)  walks past I make sure that my legs are wide open and if as quite a lot of men do stay, I will put some oil on my hand and ru my breasts and then down over my tummy to my shaved ***** and rub that as well

 I have seen a few men getting hard and some lie down on the sand loking at me and then I love to put a real show on fo them. Its greatt because I have my husbands permission and I feel totally safe because other people are on the beach

I want to introduce my daughter to nude sunbahing as well but I dont know if I should let her see what her mummy does.


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Hi Vicky, I for one would love to bump into you along the beach one day. Shame it did not work on in RL with your daughter, but each to their own, and at least she tried it. Thanks for sharing.

Do you and your man go nude at home? That would be an appropriate example to set for your daughter. Just don't pressure her either way, let her join in, or not, as she sees fit.

I hope she changes her mind for you. im sure she will come round. looking at the positives she went topless which is a big step. im sure she will get used to and maybe start to enjoy the men staring. im sure in time the bottems will come off too. Its interesting you said you couldnt open your legs and put on a show. do you think you will always be like this? or will you be able to again in time? do you or your daughter go nude at home? maybe doing this could help her confidence and get her used to the idea of being nude as a family. good luck

Mfe.....my man is her daddy but not her father and he like me hope to encourage her to join me initialy and then the both of us so thta we are on the beach as a family<br />
And yes me and my daughter did go to the beach but I found it not the same because I couldnt do anything except sit or lay with my legs closed because i was not comfortable with her being there. She did take her top off but kept her shorts on and she told me after that she did not like being like that because oif strange men seeing her breasts and when I asked her if she woiuld come to the beach again with daddy and me she was horrified and said NO<br />
So the realk life is not as good as the thoughts of it but we are pleased that we tried and Daddy and me go oursleves

How does your man feel about your daughter sunbathing nude? is he the girls father? has he seen her nude before? will he be ok with it? theres no problem with you both being nude together and it is a great way to bond. have you been to the beach since you last posted? how did it go?

Good for you! Nude sunbathing is indeed a fun, relaxing activity!

iam inspired and will be walking the beaches this year..... hot story

Nude sunbathing with your daughter is perfectly okay as long as no sexual stuff happens. I highly doubt the sexual experiences you described would be healthy for her! Also post pictures for all of us!

Hmm, My opinion - DON'T go nude sunbathing with your daughter if you can't do it without getting aroused. For a start, your daughter will probably be very upset with you if she knows what you're up to - I doubt she'd want to join in!<br />
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It's up to you what you do - being a nudist, voyeur and an exhibitionist myself, I can honestly connect with your feelings, but I would never let my child see the sexual stuff, it's damagin at that age.<br />
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This post doesn't sound like it's genuine. If it is, I'm sorry, but you must protect your child... <br />
<br />
Good luck!

Hmm, it's great that you're so comfident with your body. I love being nude at the beach as well but lately I'm nude in the dunes at regular beaches. You should try that. It's a special feeling knowing your the only one nude there. :-)

Well, I wish you the best of luck! I'd love to meet your family!

Not yet because my man and me only wanted them to look and I enjoyed seeing a hard **** now and again, but we have talked about it and if any of the men are ever daring enough to come over to talk to us we will invite him back so he can watch me **** my man and rub his **** so I can watch as i am getting ****** and of course maybe if I like him enough my man says that I can also **** him so I hope someone does come and talk to us next time we go to the beach.<br />
My daughter will not know anything about that of course, because we will arrange a meeting while she is at school.

I'd suggest sunbathing with her topless would be a great place to start. Perhaps her topless and you naked (but not being suggestive)?<br />
<br />
Reading this again got me just as excited as it did first time!<br />
Has anything ever physically happened with any guys on the beach before?

Thanks for your comments Sublim.. She is only 15 so I do have to be careful I know. but I hope that she starts to accept that it is okay to show her naked body. Iwill just have to be careful to not let her see me seducing the men by rubbing myself in front of her. but I like to see the mens hard ***** and wonder will they look at her ***** or mine.

It sounds incredible! I must frequent these beaches you visit! <br />
<br />
How old is your daughter? I think sunbathing with her nude is a great way to bond, but be careful of making it a very sexual situation (which you seem to do - and i think that's great!) if she's underage, you don't want to attract too much sexual attention on her...