Go Nude Females!

I'm a nudist, and I'm a girl. I've been preferring nakedness since I was a freshmen in high school, and I've been a girl since I was born ;) Thus, female nudist. My parents hated it when I lived with them since I was always taking my clothes off, even though they'd yell at me to put something on. I sleep, swim, tan, eat, read, write, and do many other things in the nude. I've been nude in public multiple times as well, and feel no shame when I'm naked around any amount of clothed people. My body is my body, and I happen to love it. If you don't, well, don't look at it!

Luckily for us females, it seems to be a bit easier to get away with public nudity than for males. Sorry guys!

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I differ, for women it is difficult to escape publik nudity then males

I wish I was that bold! So far it's just been hot tubbing and skinny dipping with friends.

Just enjoy the freedoms that being a female affords - guys will have to catch up eventually!

Maybe you'll let males be nude when with you.

Thanks a LOT and a LUMP for reporting that this said account recounts that its writer recalls having been a female NATURIST ever since she was a girl for others and even for us, too.... And thanks also a LOT and a LUMP for reporting also that its said account still recounts also that she also even remembers having known that Mother Dear and Father Dear would repeatedly hand some chewings-out to her to put on something for others and even for us, too....

I agree with you, I wish I could be nude more than my backyard. I'm in my hot tub right now in the nude and would love to walk around the yard but the neibours are home so I have to be respectful to them.

Sure you are nothingbutasmile. I am an Indian woman, love nude living, and luckily my husband too is nudist. But we do not have any nude beach to enjoy, therefore we have to be content with nude clubs, where everybody has REsponse is to be careful. Nevertheless, I encourage women around us to shed off their shame and inhibition, and throw clothes, stay nude, at least at our apartment. Response is heartening. Women! let us love our nude bodies. xylolita

You are right, us guys have to be much more careful. I do admire your courage and would so much like to do the same. I do have a tiny thong swimsuit which I often wear to the beach, which is often the closest I can come to being nude without getting in trouble. I can assure everybody that being exposed like that is incredible fun, and really gets lots of attention from the women. But, you are right, being completely nude would be so much better.

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No offense taken sweetie :) my nudism is secret :) men have less confidence in nudism because of erection of our penis but you women get unique at times and probably get more confidence out of it.<br />
<br />
My nudism is always in control anyway :)<br />
<br />
I wouldn't worry if you criticize male nudism because i don't believe they will be any of it

Don't be shy, share with the world!

Yes I am nudist and really enjoy looking at the female nude body. I think it's not ok with guys nude in public is they show there excitement more what can turn some women off seeing that. I myself go to many nude beaches or resorts and never gotten A bad look from A women but A smile and some chatting with them I have meant the nicest women at A nude beach or resort it's A wonderful life style more people should try it you won't be disappointed at all. Thank you for sharing your story was really good.

I been A nudist for many years me and wife love the life style and during the summer are often at the nude beaches and nude resort. We meant many nice couples and other women and men that are very open and easy to talk too. I have never meant A rude nudist most of us are lay back and easy to get along with. I will go to my grave as A nudist.

I been A nudist for many years me and wife love the life style and during the summer are often at the nude beaches and nude resort. We meant many nice couples and other women and men that are very open and easy to talk too. I have never meant A rude nudist most of us are lay back and easy to get along with. I will go to my grave as A nudist.

you are correct that women have an easier time being nude in public but men also enjoy the freedom of being naked ourselves ...i enjoy staying naked as often as i can usually at home these days because men get caught naked and get branded as a sexual predater even though most would never harma flea let alone another person .... just because we enjoy being naked does not make us perverts .<br />
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if you agree add me as a friend

frfeve: Well, I am 5'8 and fat, but NOT hairy! So hopefully I would not scare you if I met you on a trail or sidewalk. Viva la nudity!

LOL you're absolutely right

Nude is natural. Why are we supposed to be ashamed of our bodies? At what age must we cover our bodies? Clothing is for protecting our skin from the elements, not to cover our "shame".We were born naked and there's only two models, so the public needs to get over this attitude of shameful nudity. If there was more nudity, people might have a little more pride in their bodies and take better care of them.

great story. i'm glad you're comfortable with your body

Nudity is not lust or sex, it is nudity, pure and simple. It is a lifestyle that is not wrong for anyone. We were born nude, so I figure God doesn't mind. lol

Haha, well thank you ;)

I don't know about all this. Certainly we become desensitized to nudity when we see lots of it. I remember my first trip to Rhodes. None of the women wore tops. After a short while I didn't want to see another breast. I guess I'm fussy, but I certainly think that some women should remain covered up. Obviously nothingbutasmile is not in this category, looking at her from the back.

Consa, for the record, love and agree with all that. Same with you testpilot

lol so true...

I agree with TP insofar as I do not think that there is such a thing as an ugly nude woman. All I need is a mirror to prove that there are ugly nude men.

testpilot, that makes me want to go nude all the time, but , wait, I al nude most of the time.

I guess its payback for guys..... your absolutly right men have very unattractive bodies well most of them. women on the other hand god made them so beautiful to look at and appreciate and desire and you can ask why forever but im very happy to be male and get to appreciate them. women i admire your thinking and openess and wish more would think and act like you? it would be a more beautiful world. I would never complain about a nude woman or girl in public no matter what age or size and shape and it should not be wrong to do so. so women take note and show the beauty god gave you and be proud ...Im proud to see and love seeing you all....... tp

That is great you learned to enjoy nudity at a young age, it took me years to get up the nerve to enjoy it. I am glad that you are having fun and enjoying nudity.

You sound like my wife in her younger days

Good for you, sweetie!

Hahaha, frfeve, further proof of nude females being awesome.

yes you are. wow, i am afriad to goto a nudist came coz i see one girl like you i will get that condition lol

it is sad that men are not allowed to go naked, but , then, what girl would want a big, hairy, naked guy, walking up to her, not me!<br />
I am a petite, slim, female of 105 lbs. the thought od a big hairy beast approaching me on a trail, or sidewalk, scares me!<br />
on the other hand, for me to approach anyone, male or female, while nude, won't scare anyone!<br />
I usually get big grins, smiles, waves and so on. all men like a naked girl!!!!!

it certainly is easier for us to be nude in public! I do it all the time, and had no complaints!!