Always Prefer To Be Nude

Or at least topless.   I like my body, and I like my freedom.

Where I live it is not easy to find nude resorts or beaches.   So I mostly stay nude at home, or when we go trails that are not traveled much.  But this is crazy *smile*

In my closest circles of friends, I also host them like that, staying nude all evening.  I like it, it's fun!

Few of my friends share the same and we like to be nude together, just talking, watching TV, chatting.

My bathroom place is equipped with a Bidet, where I wash my private parts after I go.  I am very hygienic, some say - too much :-) so I could not do it anyway else.

I wish I could walk nude on the streets here.  Go to the supermarket, or sit in the Cafe.   But that is too much to expect.  My fantazy is to travel and find a place where I can be nude at all times.

hadar99 hadar99
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That's great I also like to be in bra and penty most of time

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I am nude at home as often as possible given that I have to hide it from my family as well as in my hotel room each week when I travel. However I do find times to enjoy nudity in nature. Here's one of my favorite experiences.<br />
<br />
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Hope you enjoy.

do it anyways

i'd like to host a party where i'd be totally naked too!

Invite me to add more glamore in party

Hadar, if you're looking for a place where you can go nude publicly, send a message to nothingbuttasmile - She may be able to offer something. Also do a Google on "legal public nudity." Seems Spain is pretty tolerant.

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but is it even a bad thing for a woman's head to be shaved? i don't really see what 1 corinthians has to do with this. she's not praying, she is simply being comfortable with herself and with those around her.