Morning Wetting


Hello  guys how are you . i just wanted to share astroy that i will post in different experaince groups. this story is simply about a wetting i did one morning last week. heres how it went  i hope you all enjoy it.

 it was a saterday morning i think. i got out of bed and had themorning urge to pee  as im sure we all have in the morning. At this point i was wearing just my panties and a teeshirt . my panties had one of the mod to heavy incontinence pantiy liners in it thative mentioned in other experiances, tthey are like miniture nappies and hold about 2 avarage wettings realised slowly  . but id wet it twice already and it hadnt leaked . that was the night before and is a diffenrt story/. Any way this morning  i descided ot let my pee go  as i have acarpet in my roonm . so i peed until lthe apd become overfulled and started to leak first into my panties  then  slowlty down my leg . it wasnt a long pee but it felt kinda nice to just let go and almost felt liek i was a little girl again.  i was thinkign of messing as i did need  to  but then decided not to as i hate the mess lol. anyway that is my short and sweet morning wetting  the first report but im sure there wil lbe more  i look forward to your comments . see you all soon.

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really my love that cna be aranged i have 9 storieso nhere atm i ndifent cgroups jsut look in my profile for them

please post more!, your getting mee offfff

welle id like to be alittle girl someimes il rp that with any one

Hey thanks for sharing, very sweet the way it made you feel like a little girl :)

i dont thinkg so to the wettitng and i usalyl change mayslef im a big girl after all / though are yo userious i made y u pee?

i wil ldo ai got some despration wetting ones as well and no toilet days

That was a great little story. I peed a bit in my pants from sheer inspiration from your shared experience. I love it. It makes me feel free and very comfortable. Most people would not understand that. Letting loose once or twice a week and ******* your panties can take a load of stress off. Share more stories like that. Thanks.

*giggles ashyly* thanks you tdrs im glad yo ulike it ive got more to come and wil lbe posting some wetting fiction soon.

Very hot story - I'm just visualising you there in your t-shirt and panties while the pee slowly runs down your leg.<br />
<br />
*yikes* I think I have to take a cold shower! :)

lol though if you using incnitnece panty lnienr and intend ot pee them properly make sure oyu get moderate to heavey or heacy pantylines they are quite big and fill the crotch area

thank you very much natalia ill jsut adyour freind request and we can chat if you want

thanks guys but rusty no offence but i dont evne nknow you so that aint gonna happen lol

i love your stories

You can come over and pee on my carpet any time :-)