Wet Panties

good morning all,and yes i am a man and i love wet panties when i got out of bed this morning I was very wet so I just stayed in my panties untill I had my coffee .So here i was sitting at my pc drinking my coffee with my wet panties on  checking my mail and logging on to EP I guess I was on here longer then I thought after the second cup i had to go real bad but I was having too much fun looking at stories on her I started to wet again and the pee was running down my legs nice warm and feeling goodmy chair is soaked now my butt is wet and it is the best feeling you could have

so now I am ready to go out for a while ,I am clean in a pair of cotton high cut panties under my blue jeans  so off to the mall to get a few things another large coffee too  at the mall I went into a store to get some new panties and I started to pee again I thought I caught it in time and paid for my panties and other things when I put my hand into my pocket I was wet and yes everyone could see that i had a wet spot in my pants oh well it gave the girl something to talk about  so i did finish peeing my self as I walk out of the mall  by the time I got to my truck I was very wet

hotpantiesonme hotpantiesonme
Mar 3, 2010