Ever since I was a child I knew something was different about me from the other kids. I would steal my sisters underware and sneak out into the barn and put them on and prance around in them. I would also steal her bras and bathing suits to wear around as well. One time I actually asked my mom for some silk underwear and she gladly provided me with some, which I thought were male underware, but later realized were not. I used to jack off at around the age of eleven to things that most normal young boys of my age most likely were not. I even found a ***** in my moms bedroom at around the same age a ****** my man ***** with it hard and let me tell you it took awhile, as large as it was and as young as I was, to get it to go all the way into me. I ****** my *** so hard and fast I came without jacking off and it was pure pleasure the whole time after I got used to it. I was never like any of the kids around my age.

Later in life whenever I could I would dress in feminine clothing and hide it or make excuses for it. It is easy to wear pantyhose and get away wth it when you are poor and in the army. It is a poor mans thermal underware. If you have ever wonded how a woman can wear a dress in the winter and not freeze their *** off nylons is why. So I would wear these out when we went into the field as thermal underware, see problem solved. It also didnt hurt that I was known for being violent and virtually unstopable in a fight. This has led me to understand where my anger has come from for all these years. It was from not really being able to be who I truely was and let me tell you that anger was what I called the green monster. I cannot use the name "Hulk" or I would. Now that I can see why and my ability to explore my feminine side after all these years that little green monster barely raises its ugly head anymore. I am truely a female trapped in a males body.
Jessica1967 Jessica1967
41-45, T
Jan 8, 2013