Is There Such A School?

Is there such a school? I would love to join such a school if there was one. I have no one willing to help me here.
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I wish there was such an Academy where Wives/Girlfriends could send us to make us into the perfect feminised submissive partner

If sissiness was a subject, I would do my damndest to be your star pupil, hun xox

<p>Miss Vera's Finishing School For Boys Who Want To Be Girls ...</p><p>here are link of of the teacher who seem to be real in there Teachings.</p><p>Miss Vera's<br />
1 -<br />
2 -<br />
3 -</p><p>Denae (seem even more seriuos) but charges 100$/hrs<br /></p><p>she coached or teached<br />
Felicity Huffman, star of Desperate Housewives (for example)</p><p>During these sessions Denae is able to help you with: <br />
Voice Training, <br />
Feminine Movement, <br />
Fashion Advice,<br />
Feminine Movement, <br />
Gestures While Speaking & Listening, <br />
Feminine Dance Moves, <br />
Creating Feminine Photo Poses, <br />
Makeup Tips <br />
etc....</p><p>Was also taped for the DICOVERY CHANNEL on "THE SWITCH"<br />
There ways like going on the net where you will all ofn the appropriate info.</p>

Thank you, I will be going through it all.

there are other plac e where they offer such services. you jkust have to check on the net. under coachiing Feminity

<p>YEs there are such schools, they teach you the right way of dressing, the art of make-up, walk, sitting, talking, socializing ect...., real feminity, the art of coquetterie, and will and some adresses later on.</p><p>An example is some (but not all) of hollywoods most sexy female transexual have gone to these schools</p>

Okay this one just came to me your asking about feminization schools well there aren't schools Persae but you can find teachers in deportment. Deportment is the teaching of feminine mannerisms and movements. There are also vocal instructors they teach you to change your vocal range to sound more like a woman in speech and sound. As far as feminization well that is up to you and the doctors you have helping you.

Thank you. There is not much information on the net that I can find. most that I do find is either someone telling me, ie doctors and therapist, or by shear accident.