About Feminized Husbands

I see a lot of internet about “Husband Feminization.”  I find this to be an interesting trend.  I can also see what could lead up to such an idea.

For thousands of years of dating, a woman would try to pick the best man to be her boss.  This is ingrained in the karma that everyone is born with.  There was no women’s liberation, and marriage was defined in the man’s favor, so there was no choice either.

We still follow this plan.  As a practicing Buddhist, I call it a habitual pattern.  Even though dating and the wedding might be brief, a marriage can goes on for decades.  There is not much planning for this important part of our lives.  I don’t find it surprising that many women end up with men who want to be boss, but don’t really participate in the woman’s social life.  As a boss, a husband feels the right to keep saying no.

At this point, feminizing the husband can seem like an option.  Thus, there are all the fantasy stories about turning husbands into sissy maids, and about turning obstinate CEO’s into secretaries.  Unfortunately, none of this will ever actually happen.  Unless a husband is gender-variant, there is no way he could ever be made to dress like a woman.  The idea of feminizing a man is fallacious in the first place.

The worst stereotype is that wearing women’s clothes will make a heterosexual guy turn gay.  No one easily changes sexual orientation.  Transsexuals are transgenders that get the complete transition surgeries, and take high doses of hormones.  Many transsexuals claim to switch sexual orientation, but there have been no definitive studies.  High hormone doses probably just make some transsexuals turn bisexual instead.

I am gender-variant.  I live as a transgender woman full-time, but I can’t be feminized or emasculated.  I have a personality with any almost perfect balance between masculine and feminine concepts.  I am not interested in wearing frilly outfits or sissy clothes, but I do dress classily in skirts every day.  I no longer think of myself as dressing differently, and I modestly wear skirts as if I have been doing this all my life.

I am not going to wear high heels as a casual shoe, and certainly not to do house work.  I am able to interact socially as a woman, but there is always that disconnect for others that I am a heterosexual guy under the clothing and makeup.

There are thousands of lonely gender-variant guys available just dying to have a woman partner.  Karmic conditioning makes women say no without even thinking about it.  My resume of social skills is of no interest, because the age-old conditioning is to get that culturally-correct guy.

Ladies, there are actually no guys that can be feminized, but gender-variant guys are the next best thing.  There are always a large number of men dating who are secretly crossdressers.  Frequency of dressing can vary, but for most this is a hobby.  Many make excellent husbands, but there are always a few who do not.  Since this kind of expression has so much secrecy, there is always the danger that some crossdressers will never share their passion with their wives.

Some crossdressers like clothing games, while others do not.  Some like to play clothing games during sex, but more straight guys do this than gender-variant guys.  Some might like dressing as maids or wearing sissy clothes briefly.  However, the push today is focused on authenticity and skills.  There are even businesses that specialize in teaching men how to dress as women.  Husbands also can’t be trapped into staying at home; they have to go to work to pay the bills.

Some of us graduate from crossdressing to being transgender.  This means that that there will be a strong identity component, which can lead to wanting to dress as a woman as much as full-time.  There are a lot of husbands like this too.  It’s amazing how many men have changed their gender at work and in all their other life activities.  Do you know how much work this takes, and how many social skills a transgender husband must acquire? 

For transgender husbands, the wives really have to keep communications open.  There is always a certain amount of obsessiveness involved with being gender-variant, so husbands can get carried away with fantasies of being “real” women.  This is where the most friction usually occurs.  I don’t have this problem, since I don’t get any feminizing surgeries.

Most fantasy ideas will never happen, but others do happen.  A crossdressing or transgender husband can be just like a girlfriend.  My late wife and I were this way.  It is possible to have old-fashioned girlfriend meet-ups, where everyone wears evening gowns and heels.  Girl’s-nights-out are also easy.

Some husbands do become the executive assistant for their business-owning wife.  While standard men might balk at working for their wife, a transgender husband might enjoy wearing fancy skirt-suits and heels, while carrying out their wife’s instructions.  There is a word of warning here: this could require facial feminization surgery and maybe even breast implants.  Wives should never allow their husbands to get any surgery below the waist.

Ladies, I don’t think any of you would want to date me if you are operating alone.  However, as group, you might be able ton start a new trend.  Maybe you could even start a dating site to meet those guys that would be more like girlfriends.  There are already thousands of couples like this, but they don’t have a social network, so they are invisible.

I have a keen eye, so I easily spot people that might be gender-variant.  For couples, the husband will often be taller and wearing a skirt, while the wife just wears slacks.  The latest cosmetic surgeries for transsexuals make them almost perfect-looking women, except that the various facial-feminizing surgeons tend to make their clients all look alike.


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Feminizing is all good, but down the road the questions always leads up to do you want to change genders. b/c what are you really wanting to do all this for. Being feminine also includes pleasuring men too.

Yes it(pleasuring men) does or your not really experiancing being female-
Like parachting or traviling--Reading about it or watching is not the Real experiance!
Surgry is differant-like not many women get boob jobs!

lol wdf?

You said, "Some of us graduate from crossdressing to being transgender" This statement is wrong. A crossdresser is transgender. Transgender is an umbrella term used to desecribe all gender varient people including crossdressers. I am a pre-op transsexual. I am not on hormones, though I used to be some time ago. I had to quit for personal reasons. Hormones don't affect the way I feel inside. I know I am a woman with a male body. Not all transsexuals want a sex change operation either. They are called non-op transsexuals. Labels tend to get in the way. I am a person. Whatever I do, whatever I am, I am a person first. People should be able to live the way they want to, as long as they are not hurting themselves or others. They should be able to live without fear of ridicule. Without fear of physical attacks. People should be able to just live. So, whether I have the operation or not I am always going to be me and that is a woman.

Wonderful post, Lori! I am not big on labels either. It's the person that counts. Someone who is nice and has a heart will always get my attention and friendship.

I'd have to disagree somewhat--Women"for thousands of yrs" have NOT been looking for men to be thier boss -They were looking for providers(food/shelter&Money )& through Most of history that ment agressive& women had fewer Choices because of society-where MEN were considered KINGS(put in that possition by other men of course)
Women are no differant now than 5000 yrs ago EXCEPT that they no longer have to woreship men to have luxuries like Food-
Men are now allowed to just be themselves& sexuality is Open for everyone to explore more freely nowadays!
Through a lot (if not most) Of mankinds history-Sex was sex& bi-sexuall was accepted just fine in society!
Believe it or NOT there is nothing in genetics that make men more dominate than women--It is just how it's expressed!(what is acceptable at what point in history!

As someone else who feels in between and lives some part of that, I thought this was a very well considered blog.

Hmmm, yes, I think you are right. There might be a lower level of hormones in this man or a different mix of genes. He loves hetro sex but adores the female form in more than one way. He can't possess her so he becomes her at times to calm himself.
It sounds like it could be lonely sometimes.