I Won't Cheat Again Part 3

I have run around our house wearing nothing but a cut up T shirt. When I reach the porch. Tracy finally lets me inside. "Well, that was definitely a sight to see, but now that you got your run in, time to clean up. When you take your shower, you are also going to remove all the hair from your body, from your eyelashes down. Use the Nair for your body but use a safety razor for your pubes. Shaving your *** will be interesting, but if I find ONE hair, I'm going to shave your head too."

I'm not a hairy guy, so it really wasn't much of an issue to shave my body. The Nair wasn't too bad, all I had to do was follow the directions. Shaving my groin wasn't bad either. The problem was my ***. Finally, I figured if I used a mirror, I could get it all. When I finished, I stepped out of the shower and began to dry off. Then Tracy just walks in the bathroom, no knock or anything. "All right, inspection time! Turn around, bend over, and spread those cheeks!" I said, "Hey, this isn't part of the deal". Tracy just smiled and said "You said 'anything' Lover Boy. This is part of anything I say." With a flush of embarrassment, I turned my back to her, bent over and spread my *** cheeks. "Good job. And you have the cutest little rose bud. I'm definitely going to have to do something to that later on. Now go to your bedroom and sit at Pam's vanity. Time to get in uniform!"

Still naked, I walk into our bedroom and sit at the vanity table. Tracy says "I'll handle your makeup today, but when you screw up again, you will be doing your own. She puts some foam pads between my toes and starts applying red nail polish to my toenails. Then she does my hands. "And while that's drying, time for your lipstick. Bright red, like the ***** you are." She draws a line around my lips with some kind of pencil, then applies the lipstick. "Blot your lips on this tissue. Just close your mouth on it, don't move your lips. There, that's a good girl! You're almost ready to go to work. Time for your uniform." She pulls out the bra and panties I had to buy at Wal Mart. "Stick your arms into the straps. This is a front closing bra so you can see what you're doing". After fastening the clasp, the pushup bra squeezed my chest inward and I did have a little bit of natural cleavage. Tracy said "Not bad at all. Too bad I can't dress you all the way. Yet. I said 'yet' because you WILL screw up again, and when you do, that little rose bud of an ******* you have will be violated in every way possible. I can't wait! Now put on your panties...there, that's good. Now turn around for me and let me look at that ***."

So here I am with a white pushup bra with pink polka dots and pink cheeky panties with half my cheeks exposed. Red lipstick and nails. I look ridiculous.
narim narim
46-50, M
May 5, 2012