TNR First Round!

So yesterday I started my new journey. I wasn't sure that I'd be able to trap any of the feral cats from the colony yesterday because I hadn't stopped feeding them like I was advised to (I just felt to sad about not feeding them when they count on me to feed them) I did however set the traps yesterday at the same time that I usually come and feed them so they were all ready for their feeding. The night before I was praying that I'd be able to trap the 2 black cats because 1 of them I know is Mason's mother and the other is his sibling and I feel sad every time I see them. Maybe it 's because I love Mason so much and because of that I love his family or it also might be that I look at their life as feral cats and see how hard Mason's life could have turned out to be like and it makes me sad. So even with praying and being hopeful I don't think that I actually thought I'd be able to catch them right away but yesterday luck was on my side and the first trap set actually caught Mason's mom and it was so fast I hadn't even set the other trap yet. As soon as "Mama Kitty" was trapped her kitten (almost a year old) started to try to get into the trap so I got the next trap set up as fast as I could and just like that she or he went right in. I've named her or him Migzy. So within the first 20 minutes I actually trapped 2 ferals and they were the 2 that I wanted trapped so that I could help Mason's family. So I only had 1 more trap left and it was strange because I set it and a female went in and started eating the tuna fish but the trap didn't close. I realized that she was stepping over the spot and being very mindful of it. I decided that she deserved to eat as much as she wanted since she was so smart and decided that I'd just reset the trap with a fresh can after she left and I'm so grateful that I did because what happened next was a big surprise to me. She finished up eating and got out but then her baby from last summer went into the trap and she or he set the trap so she or he was trapped and is the smallest of all the cats in the colony. I've given him or her the name of "Minnie". So yesterday I was just so happy that things went better then I could imagine. I had to keep them in their traps overnight because the vet couldn't take them until this morning but I was prepared for that and had a warm and very private place set for them and thankfully they were calm. So first thing this morning I brought all 3 into the vets so they can be spayed and given their shots and treated for worms and anything else that they need and I'll be picking them back up around 5:00 this evening and bringing them back to my house so that they'll have a warm safe place to heal before I take them back to their colony (their home). I have to admit I'm nervous. I want them all to be OK and I just hate that their gonna be hurting and scared while they are here with me but I just have to keep reminding myself that I'm doing this because I want to make their lives as good as possible and part of that is having them spayed and vaccinated. I'm curious to see if all 3 cats that I trapped are gonna be girls because if they are then I'll be keeping them here with me for a longer healing time and also I choose all girl names so I might have to give 1 or 2 of them new names if it turns out any are males. Not that they really care about names. I wish that I could tame them all and find good homes for them but sadly these cats are feral and they already have their own home and they need their colony. At least as a caregiver to this colony I know that they are going to be better off after all of this since it's a rough life and is even tougher on a feral cat that hasn't been spayed or vaccinated. I'm hoping that all goes well and that I'll be able to return all 3 to their colony without any issues. Then I can start the trapping all over again and hopefully help some more.
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31-35, F
May 2, 2012