The American Scheme

Four score and 7 billion years ago our forefathers brought forth this nation.
so that liars bullshitters & cheaters can thrive on hard working people.
The American ***** dream has disappeared into the vast Ceo wasteland of give me me all u money and screw u. I make apple & nike and square toilet paper ideas here in the USA then I put on my brilliant American Scheme thinking hat and say hey how can I make 751 trillion dolla for myself and then resell whatever stupid product I come up with sell it back to the idiot American public like myself so I can buy it and I iknow there will never be another sale like this one. Work hard buy house give money to Shark lender jews who goulishily regurgitate an agrivated smile knowing the lure u swallowed has more than 3 hooks that can be bught at your local fishing store, will one day be ripped out with the entails of your throat as their eating pancakes and watching the dow jones industrial carnage and joyishly laughing as u lug ur muddied wet clothes behind the empty rectangular lving or existing quarters u mongled behind. Ahh yes the American Scheme the boston tea party, Tax thirteen colonies,reproduce but wait there's more, first we had to steal the entire land or continent from the Indians and of course stick em in a corner of some vacant pre nuclear fused barron dessert warfare land in one of those rectangular states. Yes we have freedom of religion I am agnostic I congradulate the people who've memoried one book and managed to make a lving off it. That's part of the American scheme. U can make ur own religion and sell it like frogathon or in German Vahs machen siet hoyta abent. some sucker will buy it and give u money thereby catapulting u to the forefront and injecting u into the limetight of comercia vision. U'll be travelin in style utilizing the English language and dictionary as ur liaison to obtaining money to benefit urself. As I sip my coffee that juan valdez picked for me I wonder maybe gearge stepping on indian apolis can tell the truth bout the American dream. but why slice one's own throat. We do live in the best country on planet earth. United states of China. your keyboard screen ring car Lombardi poplar trees allmade in china, whoever has the most money & possessions wins. Florida by the way is the oilpan of a car ,, mucho sludge accumulates here in human form including myself occasionally.
Now the beautiful ficccKKKsional version of the American ***** lotterly is someone come's and dumps wheelbarrows full of money on your lap at all times Andy rooney is resurrected and incorporated u into his show as a skeleton. beautiful birds and weeping willow trees surround ur suburban house as neighbors stop out for the morning paper and wave hi with sincerity. Your white picket fence opens up as u let ur 3 children out to school and the dog barks. U pull out ur driveway in the BMW 2013 Blue with Jupiter & Orion belt luminous anti rape bells whistles and meteorites attached to it vonvey your human corpse to a location that produces green bills with different pictures on em and demoninations u smile as u see the homeless starving tell em get a yob. Ahh yes i'll get laid tonight cause I've achieved the American Scheme.
mcmill181 mcmill181
56-60, M
Dec 9, 2012