Spanked And Corner Time

Had a great night with my wife. She came into the bedroom last night and told me that several of my chores were not done. She then sat in the big chair in the corner of our bedroom and called me over. She grabbed me by the arm and pulled my shorts down. I quickly found myself over her very sexy lap.

Her hand found my soft cheeks and they were soon very red and sore. I was able to take about 25 full force spanks before she tired and had me stand in the corner

She then found her vib and said she wanted to play while she looked at my red butt. She quickly reached her goal and commented that she was very wet. She made me come over and clean her up. She then told me I was to sleep in her wet panties as a reminder. She made me smell them / rubbed them all over my face and then held them open for me to step into. I spent the night very hard with a sore bottom in panties. I love my wife!
fiddlerontheedge fiddlerontheedge
41-45, M
2 Responses Sep 11, 2012

Lovely lady !

you are a lucky Man...