"Just be yourself", especially in the work place , is difficult and at times toxic to ones soul. "Be yourself" , as long as you have not had experiences outside of their small town , small minded , narrow vision of the world. Too many people are willing to tell you that you must be a lying braggart rather than believing you have experienced a vast array of life experiences and met some interesting people along the way . Do not tell people who's only experiences have been in the same town that they were born in and will die in . These people hate you for having a personality or having met so and so and will resent you for being different . Small minded folk are a drag on the spirit and believe you me , will beat you up emotionally every chance they get . Keep quiet and smile when they speak about the toilet paper roll doll caddy they knitted and are selling on eBay. Those people will love you being open about your experiences and " Feelings" but spread rumors around the office that you are a liar and not to be trusted .. Keep quiet and save your soul from harm.
callingonaheart callingonaheart
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What a shame!!