Matteson, Illinois Collects Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars In Improper Late Fees!

I am currently fighting my village over improperly applied late fees, fees which they have unjustly applied to nearly all their citizens!

By village ordinance, Matteson should be billing bi-monthly with a 21 day late fee of 10%. In reality, however, they bill twice as often. This leads to windfalls of free cash for them. Not only do they charge late fees before money is due (every other month), they also compound the fees twice as often!

In response to my complaints, the village has since adjusted their billing schedule to comply with their own ordinances (I consider this somewhat an admission of their guilt), but they have done nothing to refund the overages charged in the past! They have swept this issue under the rug under a self-serving internal investigation.

To me, this matter is cut and dry: If the government manipulates a billing schedule to its own financial benefit, and to the detriment of the citizens, you owe them a refund!

I generally pay bills on time, but over the last 10 years I have paid out well over 100$ to the village in unjustified late fees (I am not including the justified ones in this total), and I would imagine a vast majority or Matteson residents are in the same boat.

Now I do not have the money to finance a lawsuit, but I do have the time to fight this injustice. I am willing to provide documentation to any lawyer whou would be interested in a class action suit against the city of Matteson, Illinois.
MrBasilisk MrBasilisk
Dec 13, 2012