I THINK I am ready. I am ready to go, I just want to be here for Christmas eve. Its been my favorite day of the year for my whole life, and so I will wait for Christmas night. And I will do it when the night comes so on Christmas morning I will be asleep, resting in peace. I am just not sure how to go about it.. I thought about cutting my wrists but they say you can lay there in agony for hours and I don't want that. So I thought about pills. I just don't know which ones to take, that will kill me for sure. Because I don't want to wake up in a day in a hospital saved. It would be ironic though, how even at this I fail. A failure like me can never succeed, not even with attempting sucide. So I really want to be sure it will do it. Do you have any advice, on pills? Which are the best? And if you're not willing to give me this information and just want to comment about why would I do that and that stuff, please don't. Believe me, I've thought about this over and over for the past year, or even more, and its time, there is no other way out for me. So please, if you can, help me, and give me some information. Thank you,
cassie95 cassie95
18-21, F
Dec 3, 2012