im divorced 3 children living with my folks ilost my money in this marriage isuffered alot in iwas abused in every aspect till igot out of this agony i m hypertensive diabetic and polyneuropathy with stomach ulcer of course out of this stress isuffer  from the needs ineed and cannot fullfill it as independance freedom need of love and respect ifeel loneley all the time wish to die every minute ihave no one to turn to ifight depression all the time on and of drug use with no benefit tried to find someone to marry through specific persons and failed icannot open up to any one ineed to be loved desperately if only love in my life every thing would change ihelp everu one car for others so much maybe more than my self but all ofthis doesnt seem to help in the end in the end im very very lonely death wishes dont go ever whatever the circumstanses are iseeked help twice and failed to get it all no obvious reason is there some body out there to be connected with? to share this pain be together even on pages on net only? nothing more than good morning and  
limaa limaa
41-45, F
1 Response Jun 7, 2010

Your breaking my heart Limaa, no one should be so lonely, I am so sorry and hope you find joy in your life soon. Just remember being on your own has it's advantages. You can do what you want when you want and don't have to answer to anyone. Try to find things you enjoy, what ever they might be. <br />
Don't be in a big hurry to to find a partner, the next guy should be the right guy! Things will fall into place for you but it may take time. Hang in there! Be Brave!