Depressed All The Time

Because of My Bpd I feel sad and depressed alot. My life is just passing me by. I look at all the happy people who enjoy life and say why can't it be me.
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I do appreciate your suffering because I have been suffering from clinical depression.<br />
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When we enjoy a handful of light in our depressive darkness, meeting someone enjoying a bright sun beam makes us more aware of our darkness.<br />
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I, however, believe that there is some meaning for the suffering of depression.<br />
I would like to listen to a delicate music played within your heart, which is so beautiful!

Today my emotions are really in a downward spiral.This mental illness is getting the best of me. acouple of weeks ago I was doing better not great but better. Then my mother does what she does best and thats hurting me. And now I am in turmoil. I just don't know...

Thankyou for your input secondfiddle> And that was deep times.

When one simply puts their thoughts into the realities of this world and who created us through only His written truths and never the false teachings of man, the shock of the worst times of troubles that have ever been being almost upon us all would without question change everything about you're thoughts, attitude and feelings because so many that you see with out ward happiness are soon to be blindsided with truths that this deceived world pays no mind to, especially the world of religious deception that follows man rather than thy word is truth. <br />
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In sincerity I am sorry for you're difficulties in life and am not a bearer of bad news, but just one who cares enough about others to warn in absolute truths even when not the smooth lies all are used to hearing.

I am never through the roof. I never get excited. Maybe I am just broken.