Lonliness Leads To Depression.

Well, I know for sure I am a very lonely person. It is something I've be fighting all my life. There was only on time in my life when I did not feel lonely... and that was when I met someone so full of life.. it just kind of rubbed off on me. Due to a jealous wife, that person is no longer in my life.. I've tried my best to find another person like that, and maybe I won't feel so lonely, but I think this was a once in a lifetime thing...
I barely speak to my wife or daughter anymore. Neither one of them can understand how I can feel lonely.. in fact they take offense to it if I mention I'm feeling lonely. My wife just tells me I’m F**ked up and I need help... tell me something I don't know.. this is not helpful. My daughter always follows my wife’s lead... so basically I've just stopped talking.
I have no-one I can talk to about this stuff. I thought I had a good group of friends in our neighborhood, but last year my wife accused me of cheating on her,,, I did not.. this was her own fears, and her problem, as she's had no interest in me for over a decade now. It's not so much the accusation that bothered me.. it's the way she went about it.. she ran to the neighborhood gossip and the rumor spread like wildfire... that's when I found out I had no friends... as no-one ever asked me for my side of the story, they all assumed my guilt.. Kind of makes me wish I had cheated, at least maybe I would have got something out of it.
Anyway, I'm getting off-topic, but it's all related...I was lonely, but after last year drama, I'm lonely and depressed.
Right now I'm extremely depressed.. I just get so tired of putting myself out there.. trying to find new friends. I know I should be able to find happiness within myself... I've read all the books.. seen the shrinks.. tried the meds.. nothing works. Doctors don't treat loneliness, only depression.
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3 Responses Aug 4, 2010

I have suffered/battled depression for as long as I can remember. I know how you feel. Yet, I feel like I've finally come to terms with myself for the first time in years. I had a recent 'awakening' of sorts - by attending a Rainbow gathering - and for the first time in my life felt like there really are people (lots of people) out there who know what it feels like to not even want to get out of bed - ever, and yet they do! And once in a while they even manage to have some fun (a whole lot of fun, actually)! Sorry this is SO random & all over the place, but that's just me ;) <br />
Anyway - I hope that you find the strength within yourself somewhere & the non-loneliness/ happiness that you seek!

Depression is such an anti socal illness. I have suffered severe depression for as long as I can remember and from my experience depression and loneliness go hand in hand. Not what you want to hear I guess, sorry but its the truth.<br />
I have been divorced now 10 years and being single has become a way of life. People who have never been depressed cannot fully understand how you feel no matter how hard they try to. I will never expect any man to put up with my mood swings and depressed state and so I dont even look for a relationship.<br />
I hope that you find someone that can prove me wrong, Good luck<br />

Personally, I would not be able to live with a partner that treated me that way. I'm lucky that my hubby is understanding and kind, otherwise I'd fall completely apart. I especially get really depressed when he is at a job site out of town.<br />
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I think people are meant to be social and not just with one person in their life. It's unhealthy to be otherwise. Somehow this problem needs to be solved for those of us who need friends and social interaction. <br />
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Ad so I'm pondering possible solutions to this problem... <br />
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In my opinion, life is too short to not live it to the fullest.