Loneliness Hurts

I have experienced deep loneliness for my entire life. Today it hurts, I want to talk to someone, anyone, but everyone is too busy. I would like a hug and for someone to tell me it is going to be ok. But I know its not. The loneliness doesnt stop. It has never stopped. The sadness is overwhelming, the pain surrounds me. I long to be loved. I long to be a unique part of someone's thoughts. I have so much to give, so much love, but no one ever wanted to spend forever with me. Today it really Hurts..
zygo zygo
36-40, F
4 Responses Aug 6, 2010

Me too, I have felt like this since I can remember.....i would give u a big hug right now!! add me as a friend and we can talk : ) ( i just joined right now) love

If I knew you or where you are I swear I'd go to you right now and show you love and fill that empty space in your heart. I feel lonely all the time away from everyone. I am always trapped in this dark place I can never get out of hoping that someone loves me enough to never give up...to take me out and bring the best of me out. I always feel that happiness is something felt by everyone else but never me.<br />
<br />
You seem to be an amazing person who has a lot to offer and I know that one day someone who knows exactly how you feel and feels your pain will come along. You also have me as a friend and to love, even if you are far away you can always talk to me at www.formspring.me/UAreLoved You are always welcome and you can be anonymous, I have a lot to offer as well and I will always stick around and will NEVER give up on anyone. You can even talk about joy, happiness, vent or just say a simple hi would be nice. Making people happy is all I'm after. Peace out and take care! ♥

I feel the same way. I'm 20 years old and your story makes me want to cry because it makes me realize I will also be lonely forever. Don't be afraid 2 message me :)

i'm sorry and i'm sad and lonely also. your not alone as tears run down my face.