Depressed, Lonely, Bored, Restless, And Alone.

I am depressed, lonely, bored, restless, and alone everyday. I try to do something about it but nothing helps. What do you do when there's nothing to do? Where do you go when there's nowhere to go? Who do you talk to when there's no one to talk to? Every day is the same thing for me. I need human interaction but I don't know anyone. I try to be social when I am out in public but people seem to avoid me. There must be something wrong with me for my life to be without purpose. A friend might change how I see life, but no one wants to be my friend.
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I understand, I get the same way. Hope you make some good friends here.

drjayluv1. I am everything that you've written. Perhaps we can be friends?

yes, perhaps we can be friends, that would be great! I am on facebook quite a bit, do you have a profile there? I look forward to chatting with you.

Thank you for responding to my story. I feel bad for you as I know what you are going through. Please know that I will be more than happy to be your friend. Maybe I'll hear from you soon ...

I am now 31 years old and I have a social anxiety disorder that has destroyed my life in making any friends. I have been afraid of what people think of me even people I don't know! I realize its crazy but everyday is a replay of the last day. I have a roommate and he is the only person I mat talk to in a 24 hour period but I know it stresses him out because he wishes I had people to hang out with and so do I. I do have depression as well at this point I feel like everyday im watching the world g by from my balcony and its pathetic. I don't have friends, I watch tv, sleep and sleep and sleep. I want to have friends so baldly I have prayed that god just take me home so many times in the last several years as my life wasn't always this way. I had a very successful life in my early 20's and then one day i lost my job, due to my health issues (anxiety chronic pain depression), then I lost my home, my car, and somewhere along the way I lost the person that I was. <br />
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I live in Madison Wisconsin and I want to make friends before I get too old I have been given the gift of looking youthful even at 31 but I don't have many true friends.

I'm 25 and I feel like I've missed out a lot in my life because I suffer with social anxiety and panic disorder. I've lost a lot of friends because of it and I feel like I'm missing out on so much also if you ever need someone to talk to you (and I do a lot) can talk to me on Facebook I don't have very many people to talk to about it as they don't understand it's /Brookexbrutal

i no exactely how u feel. im in that way of thinking too. i have alot of reasons for how i feel. life certainly has not at all been easy 4 me. and none of it due to myself ! ive tried sooooooo many different selfgrowth therapies, etc. and now im so burnt out from trying to have to live i now have given up. i find everythng positive ive done has all been pointless because im still at the same place i was before i did all my hard work. and ive been trying fullon for many many years. i just am lost now. i find everythng pointless

Well that's so sad. You have lost the will to reach happiness? Why wouldn't u want to be happy? No one can bring happiness, especially if your not willing to try. Life isn't easy, and no one said it would be. You can drown yourself in your sorrow, or you can change it. It's your life, and ultimately your choice. It doesn't have to be that way. I wish u the best of luck in the future, and pray that in time you will find happiness and peace with in yourself.

Thank you, I understand what you are saying. I've lost the will to reach happiness in my life.

I'm sorry you feel this way. I have sympathy for you because iv been there. About 10 years ago I had no friends and I would lay in the floor of my room and cry. I would kneel down the running shower water praying to God to take the pain away. Not physical pain, but it's an emotional pain. I was 16 then. That's when my depression started. The only advice I have to give is to learn how to be content with the life you have. Find the positive in it. Easier said then done sometimes. Do something different everyday that your comfortable with. If it's going for a walk taking in the nature around you. Do something to try and find inner peace. The thing about having no friends I wouldn't worry about. Like I said I didn't have any and at some point they just fell in my lap. I met my best friend when I was 17 and we are still friends to this day. Anyways, this is life and you live and you die. And your forgotten. Try and make the most of it. If you have good health that's something to be thankful for. There really are a lot worse things in the world.

Sometimes we try too hard to get people to like us. I've found that just be who you are and like yourself. True friends will start to become a part of your life sooner than you think. It's easier said than done I know! But after being over forty now, I've learned that you have to be a friend to yourself first and the rest will take care of itsself. Sorry if that sounds cliche' but it is true. Besides, there are a lot of people here that will be your friend if you let them.