Move ...

I used to be happy with friends and family ..

Everyday I painted my face with beautiful smiles ...

But now its gone ...

Since I moved abroad where I have no friends ..

I feel so miserable and depressed ...

I feel like I dont belong here and so lonely ..

I really need to feel alive not just live day by day ...

DollyDiva DollyDiva
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23 Responses Dec 12, 2010

i've been 2 years abroad. i dont have any friends because language barrier :(

It has been 8 months now and time heals. Now I have one very good friend though she's much older than me. She could even be my mom but that doesn't really matter. What matters is the true friendship that is so precious and so rare :)

I"m so happy that you've found someone to share a friendship with & it sounds like its a real fit for you too.

I know how you feel. I hAve no friends and am very lonely. Hang in there... You are strong!

I know how you feel. I hAve no friends and am very lonely. Hang in there... You are strong!

Yeah, but time will cure. I know :)

I recently moved to a new apartment and found myself alone and depressed,now on medication<br />
I feel better but I still thank God when the day is done that it's over. Terrible huh?

Actually I'm satisfy now because I know no matter where I am, I will always have my best friend. Now we are living apart .. in different countries but we keep contact and that makes me feel better. I found no reasons to seek for more when I already have one whom I can always trust and rely on :)

Hanna :)

It takes time .. but now Im better than the day I wrote this story .. :)<br />
<br />

hope u feel ok today.hugs

Nice ,,, Im smiling too :-)

Someone else? WHo can it be but YOU sweetheart ! Ohhhh my foolish girl .. its for you, I wrote it for you ONLY ! clear? <br />
<br />

You see but why didnt you smile?

Thats why I always run to you when Im down .. but I need you all the time not only when Im down .. since I want to share everything with you .. sadness happiness pain and love .. everything man could have :)<br />
<br />
BOND<br />
<br />
it does help :)<br />
<br />
Thks !

Thanks a lot. I'll be very happy to know if some of my energy has actually helped and energized you.

I love your energy :) <br />
<br />
Thks !

Hey, Don't worry. It's just a matter of time. You 'll be rocking and rolling very soon. Your efforts are so positive and energizing, so I'm sure the final destiny 'd be equally fantastic. Just don't lose hope. Forget the result, just keep trying. Try to squeeze the juice out of every moment. In fact, you have to.

Im living in Germany now but sadly only my lecturer can speak good English. :( <br />
And until my university starts, that several months to go .. I have to adjust myself .. but til today I still cried because I miss my life. I come from a big city and where I am now is sooo much smaller where people are more reserved which I find not so nice .. but I will check out that site, thks :)

YOU are SO LUCKY to be in GERMANY!!!! When I was there back in 05 for my neck surgery, I got to LOVE the place so much that I DIDN"T WANT TO LEAVE!!! I don't speak German either, but many ppl know some english there. Try to join some social or single clubs. Try to join a singles club at a church??? TRY to keep an OPEN MIND &amp; think that there are a LOT OF PPL who would LOVE to be in YOUR PLACE at the moment. I would be!!

Yeah.. That's true. One should keep trying to mingle with others without isolating oneself. I really appreciate your initiative of taking language classes. I'm sure this step 'll eventually lead you to what you want, a set of good friends. While you learn the language, you also try interacting with people in English. English is a global language. So you 'll somehow find people who speak good English. Do you know the Toastmasters International? Find out if they have a club in your city. ... Which country are you living in now?

Right now Im doing language course to meet new people .. <br />
Of course, I tried to communicate with people but with the new language, its not so easy. ..<br />
Having no friends is not the only problem Im facing but many things in life ..<br />
Nobody says its easy but time will help I believe, but man must not isolate oneself ..

Come On! All it takes is just to start a conversation. And in no time, you 'll have good friends. Try going to public parks for exercise. Join hobby clubs. Cook some good things on weekends and then share what you made with 'em and spark off a conversation. There are many things you can do if you are willing to look at things positively.

If you figure it out, please tell me. I am in the same situation. I've moved across the country because of my job, and have been here 3yrs, away from family and friends, and all the ones i've met here have proved themselves to be nothing more but acquaintances who seek me for their boredom. I'm naturally a reserved individual, and have had no luck finding happiness. I would love to move away, but of course with the job market being awful and funds being low, that is not an option. Sometimes i try to convince myself to just go out there and experience anything, but them reality kicks in and i realize that i have no idea what i can do by myself.<br />
So if you do find refuge in something, do share.

Have you ever concidered going to a church &amp; join a singles group that most churches have? You'd end up meeting alot of ppl that way. Just a thought.

Thanks, I will try to follow your advice :)