How I Beat Depression

First off, I want to say that I'm not a doctor, nor would I want to be. More and more, it just seems they are pawns of Big Pharma, handing out prescriptions like candy. This is NOT right! Our bodies, minds, and spirits are nourished by food, exercise, interaction with others, and sunlight. That being said, if you are missing some of those, chances are you are going to have problems.

I mentioned sunlight because our bodies have this amazing ability to absorb light through the skin and convert cholesterol into Vitamin D. Vitamin D plays an important role in what they are finding now more and more to be many functions in the body. One of those functions is mental health. If you are suffering from chronic depression, chances are you may have a Vitamin D deficiency.

My story is this: I was alcoholic and became deeply depressed. In January, 2009, after a long night of drinking - I chose a huge bottle of red wine that night - I decided to end it. This was my third attempt. I was a delirious, stumbling drunk and I took a bottle of pills and mashed it up in water and drank it. I woke up the next morning with vomit all over me and my bedroom. I ended up in the hospital and I'm glad I did. I went through detox and was held for 4 days. I then went through a mental health program over the next 3 weeks. I was put on SSRI (seratonin re-uptake inhibitors) antidepressants. These have bad side-effects, such as making you unable to feel any emotion, quelling any sexual desire, and many more.

After a year of therapy and playing with different drug combinations, I happened to go to a Naturopathic doctor because I was concerned about my bodily health and nutrition. She sat and listened to me tell my whole story and she even cried when I talked about my suicide attempt. I knew she really cared about me and my health. To address the depression, she put me on 5000 units of Vitamin D3 per day.

Now, all that the antidepressants do is clamp your emotions down so they aren't going all over the place. And I already mentioned unpleasant side-effects. But I didn't mention that I was still having all those thoughts about how worthless I am, how meaningless everything is, and how I don't need to live anymore. After two weeks of being on Vit D, the thoughts all disappeared!

I know I'm not the epidomy of health these days. I don't get any exercise or sunlight and my nutrition is questionable. I stopped drinking coffee, though, so that is good, and I'm alcohol free for 2 years now. But Vitamin D has been the best thing that has happened to me since this all started and I still take it daily along with a couple other vitamins. Talk to a good natural doctor. And get yourself off antidepressants if you are on them. They pollute our drinking water, besides. Do it in a controlled fashion as discussed with your doctor. If you suddenly stop taking SSRI's, your seratonin will crash and you will have a deep instant depression. I know, I tried it. I weened myself off the SSRI's over about a 2-month period. And that was tough because it was screwing with my equilibrium as I withdrew from it. What ****** chemicals they are feeding us! Live to die a better death some day. I always say. Well, no. I just said that now.
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Thank you

I was glad to have read this. Naturopathic doctors and Chiropractors (Chiro's that specialize) should be given so much more credit than they get. Chiropractors and medical doctors actually got along years ago till the pharmaceutical companies started calling all the shots.

We should all be given the right to be able to use both types of medicine. But as we all know insurance coverage is nothing when it comes to holistic medicine and most of us just can't afford the out of pocket expense. Our family does as much as we can holistically.

Some medical Doctors will tell you just to pick something up like Centrum vitamins and they are some of the worse out there. Do your research on supplements. It might be cheaper and more beneficial to take good ones even though they are higher priced , look at the dosages and ingredients before you buy.

Vitamin D is so important as Cargoyle said. Just a note to check your insurance company to see if they will cover the lab work. Ours does not. BUT is will cover a prescription of Vitamin D..i think that is just so not right. Once again an example of the insurance companies and pharmaceuticals making all the calls.
I will add a link about Vitamin D to read.

I know this company has a good Quality Vitamin D. So check the ingredients on their D and then you can see what you can find that comes close to it, if you aren't getting a prescription for it.
Click on the more information and the ingredient list will come up.

Thank you so much for giving me some hope. Ive just stopped anti d meds after having awful side effects and mass weight gain over 7 years urgghhhh!! The vit d part does make sense though and I will try it. I just wish depression and anxiety didn't exist! life would be so much easier.

It's been proven that vitamin D fights off depression, but it's largely downplayed because of the pharmaceutical companies.
I've always told friends that it helps to go outside and take a walk outside in the's good therapy...and boosts vitamin D....and you appreciate nature as well :)

It worked for me

I'm so happy for you

Car I agree with your assessment of doctors and I have been seeing naturalpaths for probably about 10 years now and I like the results so far. It's interesting that you talk about sunlight. I am a HUGE fan of sunlight. In fact on days I don't get it I don't feel as well. I am fortunate at this time to live where the sun shines a good percent of the year so on days it doesn't it isn't going to make me nuts because i know it will be back soon! But that is interesting what you have written, I didn't know you could supplement vitamin D, I am thinking of possibly moving to the northwest and this might be my saving grace because I realize that if I did it would be really hard for me to adapt to the low sun levels. And I get depressed fairly easily but I also realize that I can't balance everything I need in my life so I might have to do some things differently such as take the vit d instead of getting the sunlight...maybe I"ll invest in a sun lamp....informative post.

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Amazing! You have great trust of your own body and taking control of your life. I don't life doctors either, especially when I found out their regulatory boards make them maintain a certain price range for their services and they cannot go below it. Dentists, chiropractors, etc, etc.