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Anything can trigger my depression off, today a colleague asked whether I knew where we were going on a Client outing. I said I had printed off the map and knew roughly where we were to go. To which she snapped, 'call them and get the right directions I didn't want to go in the first place'. Normally I would brush such a blunt response off and ignore it. Today I had to swallow hard to stop the tears coming and now that has set me off. I have faced depression from about the age of 11. I was diagnosed at 15. At 23 I am still struggling with it, menial things can bring me down, a programme on TV, an episode of Eastenders! I am constantly battling these feelings off worthlessness. Does it ever end?
TigerStrength TigerStrength 18-21, F 3 Responses Feb 5, 2008

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Hmm. Take a look at your cycle and where you are right now in it. The fact you would normally brush it off and today you're in tears... I grew up in a male dominated household and this took me a real long time to recognise because I did not believe in hormonal causes.

I agree, it may not get better unless you get on the right medication. If there's nothing like a death or a break-up that caused the depression and it's happening for no reason, I think medication is definitely the way to go, and it does work.

sadley no! this feeling is somthing you will battle forever due to a chemical inbalance in your brain. i was diagnosed whe i was 9 after losing both my parents and grandmother. this is a sever illness that can be treated with medication to balance your brain out and counseling. me personally i hat ecounselling but right now i take 4 medications for this and im better off this way. seek help, because if you dont things wont get better