Anything can trigger my depression off, today a colleague asked whether I knew where we were going on a Client outing. I said I had printed off the map and knew roughly where we were to go. To which she snapped, 'call them and get the right directions I didn't want to go in the first place'. Normally I would brush such a blunt response off and ignore it. Today I had to swallow hard to stop the tears coming and now that has set me off. I have faced depression from about the age of 11. I was diagnosed at 15. At 23 I am still struggling with it, menial things can bring me down, a programme on TV, an episode of Eastenders! I am constantly battling these feelings off worthlessness. Does it ever end?
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Thats alright. Everybody have their mood swings. It happens with me too. One day am so strong and other day i cry for no reason at all. Sometimes i even cry looking at touchy ads too. Its not depression. You are fine. Dont get stressed thinking you are depressed. Be happy always. Life is too short to be depressed. Find reasons to make yourself happy. Am happy to hear all your worries if it makes you feel better😊

Hmm. Take a look at your cycle and where you are right now in it. The fact you would normally brush it off and today you're in tears... I grew up in a male dominated household and this took me a real long time to recognise because I did not believe in hormonal causes.

I agree, it may not get better unless you get on the right medication. If there's nothing like a death or a break-up that caused the depression and it's happening for no reason, I think medication is definitely the way to go, and it does work.

sadley no! this feeling is somthing you will battle forever due to a chemical inbalance in your brain. i was diagnosed whe i was 9 after losing both my parents and grandmother. this is a sever illness that can be treated with medication to balance your brain out and counseling. me personally i hat ecounselling but right now i take 4 medications for this and im better off this way. seek help, because if you dont things wont get better