This Group Is Me To A Tee

It is so hard to wake up in the morning and do anything. I feel like no matter what I do I will always have this cloud of sadness in my life. I try so hard to rise above it and sometimes I do and sometimes I don't it is an neverending thing for me. But what is worse then the depression it is the lonliness in my life. I am not a picky woman by any means but I just have chosen to not be with a man who won't treat me well and I haven't  met anyone in along time that would be that someone for me. I am so lonely I can bust with it. I am scared I will become and old maid and die old and alone. I just don't want that to happen but so far I haven't gotten rid of the loneliness.
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Hi Ms. Lonely i feel your pain and struggle, that is why we share this group together! remember you're not alone and I am available to talk with if you need someone! Find me online to chat or talk to me on skype if you have it! hope you feel better soon! =)

There lies the proverbial question,"Which came first depression or loneliness"? I think it is possible for each one to be caused by the other. In either case you need to do something that will get you up and moving. You need somewhere to start and something to do. You don't say if you are taking any standard therapy for depression or even if you've been diagnosed with depression. Irregardless, however, a great coping skill that you might want to start out with is to walk. Walking briskly for about 10 minutes a day will elevate your mood significantly, if only for a little while. If you could get up to 10 minutes a day everyday, you'll feel even better.<br />
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How about any support groups in your area? You might want to check that out as well. Finally, check out the website for "Depression and Bi Polar Alliance." They have a lot of useful information to share with those who are depressed.<br />
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Please take care of yourself and keep us posted. You are not alone here,<br />
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Kindest regards,<br />

Hi Paige i here what you are saying loneliness at time are very hard on us and i have suffer with it my self over the years and sometime its vary hard to deal with . getting together with anyone that not treat you right wood just but you back in the same you are now. and you need to feel love and most you need to give it and we cannot find it well you know i send to you bigest hug and smile. hang in there take care your friend TOM

i feel the pain in ur words. i hope u find someone to fill the void. best wishes.