I Am A Piece Of ****

A few months ago my life was so perfect my family was doing so good i was going out with my friends i was making money me and my boyfriend got engaged i had to move away to go to school to earn my bachelor's i was excited i met a lot nice people one night i went drinking with one of my classmates we ended up having a few drinks and somehow i ended up going home with him i cheated on my fiance and then it turns out i didn't pay my classes on time so i got dropped from school i came back home and now i have a job that i really hate my family is so upset with me my friends dont talk to me anymore and my fiance is heartbroken he says he might be able to forgive me but the truth is i dont even think i love him anymore i feel so lonely ashamed and like im a college dropout that has nothing to look forward to
sadgirl20 sadgirl20 22-25, F 3 Responses Sep 21, 2011

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Everyone makes mistakes u live and u learn forgive urself first and others will do the same

im so sorry for the negative turn your life has taken, but as corny as it sounds, maybe it was meant to be, to get you on track for what is really planned out for you and to bring you down your proper path to a brighter future? i hope your fiance forgives you if thats what you want but i know that if you really work at it you will get your life back on track and learn from what mistakes you have made. just remember though- the greatest way to predict the future is to invent it :)

It's not the end, it just feels that way. Sometimes we run into complications in life, but it's all about how to fix them. That is what makes us have more wisdom as we get older.

You're a first time college student and you paid for your classes too late, it happens to lots of people. I suggest you enroll in spring classes in November and pay them off. Sure you missed one semester, but you can make it up if you want in the summer 2012, summer classes are harder so I suggest only taking two.

You cheated on your fianci, but you also found out that you may not love him. So, can you imagine you married him and found out later that you didn't love him, you would have been miserable.

Your working at this job temporay, do your job, make money and go home, you're leaving for college in FEB so who cares.

If your friends are not talking to you, then just go your own way. You will probably meet new friends in college anyway. Besides, if they were good friends they would never turn their back on you.

You need to do what is right for you, your just starting your life and you already ran into on of lifes many obsicals, its all about being able to problem solve, take it as it comes, and not letting it hold you back. Life can be hard sometimes, but it's those times that makes us strong.

So, be strong and have faith in yourself. You'll figure things out and everything will be back to running smooth again, and please don't be so hard on yourself.

Take Care,