Who I Am.

You ask me who i am and i will answer with this.

I am the face that is forgotten,
My name that is not spoken,
I am the person that time forgot,
I am the one that people forget,
I am seen but not looked at,
I talk but am not listened to,
I am full of love but noone cares for me,
I live but yet am dead inside,
I see but yet am blind,
I am a special person.

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16 Responses Dec 6, 2011

i feel what you felt i been alone. i got family but they don't care at all they just think of themselves. i'm working hard for them but they dont appreciate any of my sacrifice. i want to have life but they stopping me to do it because they telling they need me. but when i need them most where are they??? im so much alone... alone keeping myself away to others, that even my real me can't show to other alone that makes me lived with it for 10 years now, alone that no one listen to me because my story bored them alot... now if ever i died i accepting it im just alone.

these words simply describe me

I know how you feel, and now I'm practically crying my eyes out, no joke. but don't worry, you're not alone. you have people who have been through all this and knows how you feel :')

I feel this way too...:/

why are you saying that for other people need the same thing u need as well

Maybe you are not that lonely or not that isolated, the point is you know what are you doing and get satisfaction from what you did.

I can relate to some of this

I have felt like parts of this, I like it. I am not one for poetry usually but this got my attention :)

I read your post. Most of these are teen agers who have been dumped in a relationship. My loneliness is always around. It has nothing to do with break ups. Relationships are a temporary distraction. I remember being a child and my song was "Alone Again Naturally" I had no idea that I sealed my fate. I am attractive by most people's opinion yet I feel like I am just here. I have friends...I guess.. but i don't feel like any of them really like me. Or understand me. I have always felt lonely hoping the pain would go away. But now I just try not to think about it

i have also felt like you and am still here. tryed to off myself two times. my three children dont talk to me anymore since i stoped giving them money. sister seems too busy for me and older brother stold from me at my lowest time. im 66 and still feel alone most of the time. a shrink told me that the mind is a funny thing you can be here one minute and way over there the next. hang in there all our lifes arnt the same outcome

I will be rembered, <br />
My name will be spoken, <br />
I will be looked at with admiration, <br />
When i speak people will listen, <br />
I will have people that love and care about me, <br />
I will become alive inside, <br />
I will see the beauty in everything, <br />
All of this will come true because i am a suvivor

There is more to this but have not written it yet. I want to thank everyone that has commented on this so far. I don't know what to say.

I understand. sometimes you try so hard to be noticed and no one looks your way. I love how you put this together

i feel like that everyday. you wonder what is wrong with you for people to refuse to acknowledged you

really, this is good. i feel the same thing.

This is how i feel at times.