There Aren't Even Songs For People Like Me

i keep looking for sad songs about loneliness but with no results, i keep finding songs about love stuff and break ups , and what's for the people who aren't loved by anyone nor they love someone?
Life is hard enough so why the only way to cry isn't available!! T-T
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3 Responses Jan 14, 2012

not only do i understand, im actually doing the same thing. and it took finding this post to realize that's not what we should be looking for at all. you don't need someone else's song to sum up your feelings. try writing your own. just see what happens. sometimes, just getting your thoughts on paper allow you to empathize with yourself in a way you wouldn't think. you might even be surprised when you make yourself cry. IN A GOOD WAY, of course.(hopefully). if you do decide to take my advice, please get back to me with what you have.

i'll surely try it seems to be a great idea thx

i understand:(

I know how you feel.

:( yeah it's painful ...

there are song's about it, you will find them..keep looking

3 : 03 AM here in my country..lonely planet