hie. im a 20 year old girl. i am at college and i feel miserable and lonely. i only feel better when im at home but i only get a month of holiday and most of the time im at this lonely place. i do have 3 friends or should i say people i talk to, but i dont have that sense of belonging. they do stuff together and always forget to include me. i feel lonely, i feel like im in a world of my own. everyone around me seems to be having fun and enjoying with their friends except me. i have noone. i cant even think of making new friends because its too late, this is my second year at college and people have already established networks, i cant even fit in into any group. sometimes i just feel like i am better off dead, in fact i just feel dead already.
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i think everone goes through this at some point in there lives,the lonelyness,and its sad,being left out,its as though nobody cares,to feel so alone,i think a good positive way of combatting it is to,maybe join a club,anything where there are people around, a new beggining,just make the effort.........regards john

Hi, I have those feelings sometimes. I have two girl friends and they always do things together and they always forget about me, but i think because I have a boyfriend and they dont. They are living the single life. Try to make a friend, have lunch with him or her and at the end say, hey i had a good lunch we should do it often". or something that will make them feel like you enjoy their company :)<br />
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