You, The Lonely One

Even in our loneliest state, we are strong.
Even during the darkest hour, there is a glimmer of light.
This light makes visible the dreams and hopes we have,
that one day, these dreams will become reality.
Even in the deep moment of despair, we are able to see this glimmer of light
as a single string that will help lift us from our sadness
only through deep sadness will we learn to embrace the truth in happiness
Sometimes this single string is weak, sometimes it may break
causing us to fall back to where the darkness envelopes us
but, with this inner strength we have, another string will appear
not by luck, but it is created by the strength and courage we have

We are strong, we are courageous because
we must face our fears everyday
and we continue to live the best we can
playing the cards we were dealt
we will make the best of it
we will fall, we will rise, we will learn, and we will grow
into ourselves.
pup33pawz pup33pawz
5 Responses May 8, 2012

I know all that pain. I'm there too and I hate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They were beautiful words but how come I can't agree with them? I hurt so much I feel sick to my stomach, nausea, and my chest feel like a cynder block. I dont feel a bit stronger but more weak and blah. My whole mind and body cries out when I hurt. I'm just giving in.

Very nice....The lonely once are the strong once....We can deal any situation without anyone's help....but the lonely once are also the sad once, while seeing other being happy with their friends, and questioning why IT's NOT ME? It hurts....

Depression for no obvious reason is sometimes caused by an imbalance in brain chemistry. This is putting it very simply. Medication can be very effective in treating this type of depression. <br />
I do hope you will find the light and joy in your life again soon.

thank you, I appreciate your words

So beautifully true to the lonely life with depression... :'(

thank you, it's always a working progress